The Unvaccinated

Discriminated against. Hated on. Abused. Reviled.

By the cult of true believers, the vaxxed, who were fools and fooled. The indoctrinated. The unthinking. Those full of fear. Who couldn’t see past their own selfish delusion and sense of entitlement. Self righteousness. Hateful. Promoting segregation and separation.

Your vile and disgusting behaviour will be remembered to the ends of our unvaxxed lives.

3 years later. Still unvaxxed. Still alive. Never testing positive. Shouldn’t I and others like me be dead? According to the jab pushers that death, my death, was imminent and assured. For certain I will always remember the banality of this massive outpouring of evil behaviour

Is my expression of disgust clear enough? For the years of abuse endured? That abuse and discrimination is not forgotten. Nor will it ever be.

But still, I thank you all for showing me your true colours- I now know the kind of people you all are.

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Cause you know what? Everytime I look back on what was done and said about people like me I’m stunned and dismayed at what was deemed acceptable. It blows my mind for lack of a better term and still people excuse it.

For my part, I will never forget three years of persecution, derision, discrimination, and mandates. What they have done to our lives is unforgivable. Amnesty and forgiveness are unthinkable. Never. I expect only punishment that fits greatest of all crimes ever committed.

Still alive here, with original DNA, haven’t had a sniffle since 2016. No testing, no fear, just as disgusted as the other sentients out there.

Classic outrage by Master Wordsmith Penny

Radar ‘ What they have done to our lives is unforgivable.”

I agree. You know there were many many times I felt fearful about being verbally accosted, possibly physically attacked, by these zealots.
What if some terrified nut demanded my ‘vaccine passport’ which I could not produce? I’d seen people yelling loudly and angrily at others in the store who were not wearing masks. Mostly I got dirty looks.
My husband and I were admonished for not following arrows. Can you imagine how stupid people are? They thought following directional arrows would make a difference?!
There was the threat of job loss
There was no support from the union
Not allowed to visit LTC, accept for outside.
Couldn’t eat in a restaurant.
Couldn’t enter certain venues after lockdown.
Recall when there was the limits on movement? We were outside of that range and concerned again about police catching us- What would we do
They closed down the parks and recreational areas we hiked at. Which was insane!
Our world became smaller and smaller and for what?
To coerce us into taking jabs for our freedom.

Mark, I haven’t had a serious sniffle since early 2019 (with fever etc)- I’ve had some very minor colds but overall it’s been years – no jab
no flu shot-
talk about the pariah treatment! Sheesh

Oh and google took the blog I’d had since 08 down- Finally moving here, a site I pay for out of my own pocket.

Years and years of information, documented. At the height of covidinsanity, myself and the blog were deemed to be “In violation of community standards”
Whatever those standards were? Unknown? I launched multiple challenges to no avail.

Part of that discrimination campaign….

I remember, it took me almost a year to find you again.
Thanks for the great work i’ll gladly send you some $ to cover your cost. Pls send an account #.
Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Markus from Switzerland!
I’m honoured and thank you for the offer, but, I’m okay so far.
As long as I stay on my toes– which means learning about site maintenance- I can manage the costs with the smallish audience that visit. I definitely had way more readers and reads at the google blog- but hey, such is life.

My inclusion of that big tech take down was just another episode in the mass abuse against persons like myself- who were questioning and researching on their own- who wanted to make their own medical choice etc., Who wanted to live their life. But were not allowed to do so.
Thank You again 🙂
Oh and I’m glad you were able to locate me again!

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