Flashback: Sacrificed in the Name of Covid- The End Will Not Justify the Means

I wrote this one more than 3 years ago-

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For the next bit of this report my position was clarified

Next came a link to a National Post article and the excerpt below

“Jim Mann recites the numbers without hesitation: he had 19 tests and seven meetings during a marathon week of screening at a Toronto hospital in March.

The reward at the end was nothing less than a new chance at life, a spot on the facility’s lung transplantation list as emphysema cuts his own lungs’ capacity by almost 75 per cent.
Then just days later, the University Health Network called to inform him everything was on hold. Mann knew he still had to wait for a matching organ from a deceased donor. But Ontario’s cancellation of “elective” surgeries to ready for a feared surge of COVID-19 patients meant nothing could be done for him until the restrictions were lifted.

“It’s very heartbreaking, to be honest,” says Mann, a retired home-renovation salesman from Niagara Falls. “It’s definitely worrisome. I’m only 65 years old.”
He’s part of an overlooked fall-out from the pandemic lockdown — the thousands of Canadians whose treatments have been delayed for close to two months already and could be postponed for weeks more.

Almost 200,000 surgeries and other procedures, cancer screening tests and clinical trials of experimental medicines were shelved indefinitely as hospitals braced for a possible flood of COVID-19 patients. A deluge that never quite materialized.
Meanwhile, many hospitals have sat barely half-full.

That’s right as hospitals set nearly half empty- treatments were cancelled on a massive and dangerous scale. Who can forget the dancing doctors and nurses with all that free time..

But there is evidence of negative impacts nonetheless.
Modelling in Ontario estimated the cancellation of elective heart surgeries would result in more than 30 deaths by early May.

Just so it’s clear. No study was necessary. The obvious harm from the lockdowns on a massive scale was foreseeable. And preventable.

And the real covidiots, in the truest sense of the word “idiot” supported and continue to support this mass abuse of humanity.

Which is why the legacy of harm is completely unsurprising to me

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