Ukraine Blew Up North-stream pipeline with HMX?

This is from Speigel- Politik @ It’s in German, obviously. After putting it through translate, I’ve included the important info below

This so called news appears to be an attempt to shore up the narrative put out by the Americans- The BND doesn’t assess the theory as credible or plausible. Overall it reads like a way to deflect from what could only have been American involvement from inception to completion. Octogen still requires TNT to perform. And the article acknowledges the obvious fact that the Russian were not involved in blowing up the pipeline

There is increasing evidence of Ukrainian perpetrators
Oktogen is much lighter than TNT, could be transported by a relatively small boat, and could have been taken to the bottom of the Baltic Sea by experienced combat divers. The often-put-up thesis that the assassins could only have brought the explosives to the site of the attack because of its weight with a larger ship and possibly a mini-submarine is no longer applicable.

So, what is Oktogen?  It's Octogen or HMX

HMX, also called octogen, is a powerful and relatively insensitive nitroamine high explosive, chemically related to RDX. The compound's name is the subject of much speculation, having been variously listed as High Melting Explosive, High-velocity Military Explosive, or High-Molecular-weight RDX.[1] 

HMX is used in melt-castable explosives when mixed with TNT, which as a class are referred to as "octols". Additionally, polymer-bonded explosive compositions containing HMX are used in the manufacture of missile warheads and armor-piercing shaped charges.

HMX is also used in the process of perforating the steel casing in oil and gas wells. The HMX is built into a shaped charge that is detonated within the wellbore to punch a hole through the steel casing and surrounding cement out into the hydrocarbon bearing formations. The pathway that is created allows formation fluids to flow into the wellbore and onward to the surface.[4][5]

The Hayabusa2 space probe used HMX to excavate a hole in an asteroid in order to access material that had not been exposed to the solar wind.[6]

Ongoing research aims to reduce its sensitivity and improve some manufacturing properties.[7][8

Intelligence services suspect Ukrainian perpetrators

The traces found by the Federal Criminal Police Office coincide with the assessments of several intelligence services, according to which the authors are to be located in Ukraine. The secret services are now wondering whether the deed could have been carried out by an uncontrolled commando or by Ukrainian secret services - and to what extent parts of the Ukrainian government apparatus might have been in the picture.

However, it is still unclear exactly on what basis these assessments are made. 

At the BND, however, the report was assessed as not very credible.

 The New York Times was the first to report such an assessment by US authorities in March.


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This desperate attempt at deflection just shows how pathetically subservient the Germans have become. Any story will do to avoid using the domineering acronym ( CIA ) in the daily spin. Obviously any “uncontrolled commando or Ukrainian secret services” operation with any chance of success would necessarily have been ideologically, financially and militarily supported by the Americans.

” shows how pathetically subservient the Germans have become”
I wonder if things would have got this bad for Germany under Merkel?
I believe Germany is now in or heading for recession?
Heard that kind of talk somewhere?
Anyone else?

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