Istanbul and Ankara Mayors Claim Kılıçdaroğlu ahead of Erdoğan

I find this claim very strange. It’s strange that Mayors would claim knowledge of voting leaning one way or another. They are, after all, only Mayors of these two cities.

However, from the many years I’ve written about Turkey, my understanding, particularly regarding Istanbul, there are lots of western influences/ers present.

Just my opinion, their statements are suggestive of some sort of interference/involvement from outside influences- Can’t prove it. But I’m suspicious.

I‘ll highlight some interesting language

And mention that these two mayors got a lot of media coverage yesterday!

İstanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayors who reacted strongly to the first results announced by the Anadolu Agency and call it a “manipulation” were in front of the cameras this evening for the third time. 

Kicking off the narrative?

Keep listening to our narrative?

Current data? Turkey has an agency that oversees elections- Should the mayors have access to the data? Did they have access to the data?

” Our president” The president of Turkey is in fact Erdogan. Yet they are talking about the US backed opposition leader being their president. Weird.

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