Erdogan AKP Supporters Await Results?

Or has Erdogan/AKP won already?

I removed the claimed “live link”provided by the “The Independent it did not seem to be live (as in real time) but on a loop. I’m suspecting it was part of a western disinfo campaign- So it’s gone though you can access it at the link above.

The party led by Erdogan has won it’s parliamentary majority (The people’s alliance)

The AKP received 269 seats (35 percent), and the MHP gained 51 lawmakers (10.4 percent), while the YRP had five MPs in the 600-seat legislature, according to the preliminary results when 92 percent of the ballot boxes were counted.

Winning 325 seats, the People’s Alliance achieved the majority among the three alliances formed for the parliamentary polls.

I can’t say with any certainty, but, suspect based on media shenanigans Erdogan also won the necessary majority- It looks like a big party in Turkey

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Thanks for the updates, Penny. Much appreciated. I just checked and with 98.74% of the ballot boxes opened it looks like there will be a run-off (AKP has 49.35% of the votes). Erdogan can do some annoying shifts at times (e.g. Mavi Marmara attack and relations with Israel) but better him than the West-leaning opposition. Wish it could have been settled today.

Hey M.R.
I know exactly what you mean about Erdogan

Re: the Mavi Marmara?
There was something weird about that and it came out later..
There was a man on that ship Mahdi al-Harati, he was removed from the ship, by Israel, but he showed up in Libya- to assist, in fact to lead the overthrow of Qaddafi. In between gigs he was living in Ireland.

Flotilla detainees assaulted in Custody

“Al Mahdi Al Harati, a father-of-four originally from Libya, was also stretchered away after suffering a diabetes-related seizure on a flight to Turkey.” (He was leaving from Ben Gurion airport)

Later he shows up in Libya and than is made the Mayor of Tripoli, Libya

I’m wondering, given all the history, if this man was not in on what ever took place on that ship? At the behest of Israeli intelligence? Or US intel?
Or both

Also at that time Erdogan had no real power- Turkey had a different kind of government- he was a figure head until the constitutional referendum of 2017-

Very interesting information there, Penny. I didn’t know about the intrigue regarding that Al Harati character but it’s safe to assume that Israel/USA would be involved in this type of skullduggery … it’s what they do. Al Harati appears to have been and continues to be an agent of their chaos in perhaps even more than two places.

Good description of Al Harati – agent of their chaos

I didn’t know about him at the time of the Mavi Marmara incident, so I was disgusted, but, when I found out afterwards- I really had to rethink what may have been going on there!

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