CHP Supporters (US Backed Opposition) Under fire as they Target Earthquake Surivors

The population residing in the areas hardest hit by the earthquake supported AKP and President Erdogan.

I did see some rather disconcerting things on twitter they day of the election. And, considering the obvious US interference, the shenanigans of the Istanbul and Ankara mayors, as well as the sacking of CHP’s vice seems there are some very hostile and angry people.

That said, the earthquake was horrendous and telling people they should have died in, so they couldn’t have voted, is quite vile.

Criticism poured in after supporters of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)-led Nation Alliance sent a series of insulting and threatening messages targeting voters in Türkiye’s earthquake-hit provinces for voting in favor of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Some CHP supporters took to social media to criticize to insult earthquake survivors for voting in favor of the president and his alliance.

Some went as far as saying that quake survivors who voted for the ruling party should have died in the deadly Feb. 6 earthquakes.

Nine out of 11 provinces hit by the deadly disaster voted for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

The CHP-run Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, which has been providing accommodation to earthquake survivors, told them to leave the hotels they were staying at following the earthquakes.

Dumfounded by the move, quake survivors decried the municipality’s decision.

“They think we deserve this just because the earthquake zone voted for the AK Party?” a quake survivor was quoted as saying by the Hürriyet daily.

The quake survivors were accommodated in designated hotels until the construction of permanent homes as per the contract, but they were evicted before the legal date, which was recorded as August 2023 on the contract.

“They’re doing this because we voted for the AK Party and now we will vote again for the AK Party on purpose,” they said.

The head of CHP’s Women’s Branch in Darıca district of Kocaeli, Nevriye Cura Gir, was one of those who targeted quake survivors for their political choice.

“God damn our love for humans,” Gir said, adding that it is good that the earthquake survivors buried the dead.

While some users cussed and insulted earthquake survivors, others regreted sending much-needed aid and financial assistance to the quake-hit zones.

CHP’s Çine District Mayor Enver Salih Dinçer’s wife Tuba Gelincik Dinçer was also among those who targeted earthquake survivors.

“Our earthquake survivors have forgotten about their dead loved ones and embraced living in tents… What can I say, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has saved the wrong nation,” she said on Twitter.

Other messages posted by CHP supporters included profanities, cursing, insults and threats against earthquake survivors, saying that they would never bother sending aid or financial assistance to them.

Infuriated by the blatant hatred and insults, actor Sinan Taymin Albayrak posted a video on Instagram, slamming those behind such messages.

If anyone here listens to the Duran. They are suggesting that after the run off election- there will be a colour revolution kicked off-

This will not be a first attempt, if it does happen. If not a colour revolution perhaps another coup attempt? The US wants Turkey divided up. And Erdogan gone- This has been obvious for a very long time.

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While I’ve long known that the murky depths of electoral politics is inhabited by heartless bottom feeding sociopaths this CHP reaction to the earthquake victims of the southern regions who supported Erdogan is reaching a new low. From what I have gathered about the toughness of the Turkish people these insults and defamation will not result in effective intimidation. Perhaps it will encourage a stiffening of resistance to the upcoming ‘western colour revolution’.

Hi Mark!
I’m hoping these people don’t feel intimidated, though I understand they are in a precarious position- which makes this abuse so much worse.
I think most people are the Mediterranean are very tough, stalwart people. MY dad is from Italy and I swear that is there go to position- You know the FU kind of attitude? For lack of a better way of expressing it- they have a long history and are generally aware of it. And that history has included much adversity.

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