Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran Discuss Ankara-Damascus Agreement

Deputy foreign ministers from Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran on Tuesday completed two days of talks in Moscow aimed at restoring ties between Ankara and Damascus, in a step aimed at easing the international isolation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Restoring ties and ending the American occupation..

The four countries discussed preparations for a meeting between their top diplomats, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website that gave no further details.

Whoohooo! Preparations for top diplomats to meet- My thinking is that Erdogan will will the upcoming election and a settlement with Damascus with help with a bigger win still- Particularly if the refugee issue can be settled with Syrians returning to their home country.

The diplomatic push, opposed by the US, is part of broader efforts by Russia and China to challenge Washington in the Middle East. It comes after China demonstrated its new-found weight in the region by brokering a diplomatic detente between Iran and US ally Saudi Arabia. The US has about 900 troops in Syria, a presence that Moscow and Damascus have long sought to end.

Turkey wants the PKK proxy army gone. As does Syria. Iran, too. This is the Adana AgreementCovered repeatedly here and at my big tech censored blog as well in 2016.

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This is great news! It’s good to see that Russia and China are working together to help solve the Syrian crisis. It’s also important to note that Erdogan is still in power and he will probably be able to get the settlement he wants with Damascus. I’m also excited to see what other concessions Damascus will be willing to make in order to improve ties with Russia and China.

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