Senior ISIS Leader Killed in US Airstrike, Confirmed by White Helmets?

I do not believe this news at all. The narrative is completely controlled from start to finish- Alleged mastermind claimed killed in undisclosed location and the western backed ‘first responders‘ claim they witnessed the strike. Taking the injured man to be treated but said man succumbed to his injuries.

From start to finish this narrative cannot be verified by any other means or sources. It’s completely bogus in my opinion.


The US military says a senior leader of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) who was responsible for planning attacks in Europe has been killed in a strike in Syria.

Khalid Aydd Ahmad al-Jabouri died in an undisclosed location on Monday, according to US Central Command.

No civilians were said to have been killed or injured in the attack.

First responders said a man was killed in a drone strike on Monday in opposition-held north-western Syria.

The White Helmets organisation tweeted that an unidentified drone fired a missile at the man on the outskirts of the town of Kili, in Idlib province.

“Our teams responded and took the injured person to Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, where he died,” it added.

Pro-opposition Step News cited local sources as identifying the man as Khalid Abdullah al-Khulaif and saying that he was likely to have been a senior jihadist from the eastern province of Deir al-Zour.

IS has not commented on the US announcement nor have its online supporters discussed it. Khalid al-Jabouri had not been publicly identified in the group’s propaganda.

That’s all so convenient..

Considering the news I covered earlier today..

The diplomatic push, opposed by the US…..”

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Just something to brighten your day, Penny.

Just wanted to let you know….I just received my 2023 Senior’s Security Stimulus Package.
It contained two tomato seeds, pancake mix, two discount coupons to KFC, a “Trudeau Build Back Better” bumper sticker, a prayer rug, a Trudeau Speech Decoder Ring, a machine to blow smoke up my ass, and a “Blame it on Alberta” poster for the front yard.

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What, no handy home administered mRNA booster pack ? No personalized account registration to the MAID program ?


Oh, dear! Perhaps Brian got an incomplete package?
I mean the handy home administered mRNA booster pack is a must have item for seniors.
While the account registration for MAID would result in big savings on pension payments!
Thinking about it the mRNA booster pack and the MAID account registration walk hand in hand. Once you’re vaccine injured MAID is the most efficient and cheapest way to keep the vaccine injury payouts down and of course no vaccine deaths when MAID is available!

Yes this is a sad, crummy place. But enforced medical malpractice is not new in Canada. (see recent CBC report linked below.)
My Dad’s sister Leona was treated for ‘depression” by Dr. Ewen Cameron at this hospital in the early 60’s. She was catatonic for 15 years and then spent the rest of her long life heavily sedated by “tranquilizers”. It was something that Dad never forgave, he cried when he told me about it.

I am truly sorry to read about your Aunt. I’m familiar with Dr Ewan Cameron’s abuse of mostly women in Montreal and his psychic driving experiments. Brain wiping.
Horrible, horrible stuff. I can’t imagine your Dad ever forgiving or forgetting something like that.
Sadly, most Canadians don’t have a clue about this- they would believe it was all in the past. Clearly, no.
It’s amazing what’s done under the guise of “science” isn’t it?

Thanks for the kind sentiment Penny. It was along time ago, the rage subsides. At least it left me with a healthy skepticism about medical experimentation that served me well in 2021 when evaluating the relative risk of the flu bug verses untested gene therapy.
Getting back to your posting regarding the umpteenth murder of an ISIS ” #2 mastermind ” before Brian’s hilarious comment completely sidetracked me, all I can say is that the Syrian conflict might as well be happening on the dark side of the planet Pluto for all the verifiable ‘truth’ that we can confirm. I don’t trust a White Helmet as far as I can throw one. The White Helmet narrative always reminded me of a low class ‘made for TV’ melodrama with faked chemical attacks and staged ‘miraculous’ rescues pulling clean smiling child actors from rubble. They are just another spooky money laundering NGO spinning the spin and paying each other salaries. They just happened to be conveniently close by to ‘confirm the kill’ in a humanitarian way???

They are just another spooky money laundering NGO spinning the spin and paying each other salaries.


They just happened to be conveniently close by to ‘confirm the kill’ in a humanitarian way???

Funny how that worked out so well for US spin? Conveniently timed, of course!

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