Biden Must Tell Erdogan To Stop Targeting US Partners

US partners being the PKK, of course. This piece is from the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies

This is definitely related to the Russian effort to have Syria, Turkey and Iran re engage and adhere to the Adana Agreement.

The FDD is very pro Israel. Lots of this is just disinfo. I’ll bold what is interesting to me. Hopefully, you’ll share some thoughts?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made no secret of his enmity for the SDF (PKK)– a stalwart partner of the United States, which has led the fight (LOL) against the Islamic State (ISIS). Without SDF fighters- the broad majority of which are Syrian Kurds, the US would not have been able to eliminate the threat posed by ISIS.  (Was this threat eliminated? Not according to the latest news) Erdogan views the SDF as a terrorist entity that is a direct offshoot of its Turkish parent organization-the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has waged a secessionist campaign in Turkey since the 1970s.

Erdogan views it as such because that’s what it is. A PKK rebrand. That’s what it has always been.

In truth, although the PKK and SDF do have organizational ties, (Yes, they are the same group!) the SDF has not threatened Turkey. (Well we know that’s a lie)

Until now Washington has chosen to agree to disagree with Turkey on its partnership with the SDF. (LIE)The Biden administration has tried to manage Turkey by indicating that they are closely working to ensure that Ankara’s security concerns are respected. (Bullbiscuits) Erdogan’s brazen act to assassinate General Abdi is an unacceptable escalation. Ankara and Washington may strongly disagree over the US’ continued partnership with the SDF, but attempting to assassinate its leader, and endangering the lives of US military personnel should not go unpunished. At present, there are close to 1000 US service members directly advising SDF forces, as they continue to eliminate the remnants of ISIS. What would be the US response if Turkey kills a US soldier? Must we really find out?

Simplest way to resolve this problem- Remove the US soldiers. End the occupation of Syria. The US shouldn’t be there.

The White House must inform President Erdogan that any attacks on SDF forces is unacceptable, and that any harm that befalls US service personnel will not be interpreted as unintentional. It is understandable (to a point) that Erdogan seeks to present himself as a decisive leader before his constituents, but not at the expense of US service members.

Easily resolved by the US taking their soldiers out of Syria and ending their occupation, annexation and resource theft. Doable and should be done!

Washington must stop humoring Erdogan, as not doing so is going to get US personnel killed. Recent reporting also suggests that Turkey has been playing both sides in the Ukraine war. While it has sold drones to Ukraine, it has also been selling weapons to Russian mercenaries-specifically, the Wagner Group. Accommodating Erdogan is not yielding Washington much in terms of tangible benefits. In fact, the more one digs, the more we discover how defiantly Erdogan is working against our interests. There is a small chance that he may be voted out of office in May. Until then the Biden administration should tell the Turkish President that all hostile moves against the US and its partners must end. With luck, Washington can work with his successor.

The US has already been interfering in the Turkish election. Because they want to choose the successor.

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