Brazil- Messianism and Lula

This report is bound to ruffle feathers. Though it shouldn’t. I’ve always used my site to share my thoughts and allow for others to share theirs. Agree. Disagree. And, why? It’s silly to believe everyone is going to agree with me at all times. That’s not possible.
It’s silly for others to believe I’m going to agree with them at all times. Another impossibility.

That said, aspersion and insinuation have no place in a productive discussion. Wild accusations are just that- wild accusations- they originate with the person/s making them and are a reflection of their own attitude.

Lula is a man. He is fallible like all of us. He is not a god. He is not a saviour. He is a politician. Always questionable characters in my opinion. His election win in Brazil- was certainly not a resounding win by any measure. The January 6 rerun served Lula in the way the Jan 6 original show served Biden. Same trick. Different country. Therefore I cannot understand what I perceive as a messianic form of hero worship around this man? It makes zero sense to me.

Lula actions that leave me scratching my head:

  • Since Lula’s been at the helm of Brazil I’ve noticed his appeasing of Ukraine’s activities in a way his predecessor was not.
    The most recent stunner came from none other than the Ukrainian Congress
Lula da Silva condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine; media cite UWC and UBCR

“During a visit to Argentina on Monday, the newly elected President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory, Universo Online (UOL), one of the most famous Brazilian publications, reported.

UOL notes that the day before, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) and the Ukrainian-Brazilian Central Representation (UBCR) appealed to the president to increase support for Ukraine in 2023″

And he obliged by condemning Russia

Ukrainian Congress included this in their statement:

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s previous president, refused to give public assessments of Russian Federation’s actions in Ukraine and to condemn the criminal Russian military aggression.”

Bolsonaro didn’t


Lula has attempted to stop the privatization of public assets. From the most recent reports it appears his moves may have come to late to change what Bolsanaro had put into place. I disagree with Bolsanaro having done this in principal because state assets are always more profitable for the state to hold onto. That said if this had already been signed off on Lula would have known this. He’s been around the block quite a few times. Did he claim this asset will not be sold as a PR move only to claim afterwards his hands were tied? Which maybe they are. But if they are he would have known when he made his declaration. He has adviser and lawyers to inform him every step of the way.

Petrobas faces legal risks

“Petrobras (PETR4.SA) could face lawsuits for breach of contract after the company halted planned asset sales at the request of Brazilian leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s government, specialist lawyers said on Friday.”

“Lula appointee Petrobras Chief Executive Jean Paul Prates told reporters on Thursday “everything is halted for analysis.” Petrobras has yet to formally confirm its decision to the government.”

Halted for analysis- decision to stop the sale unconfirmed

“”There is no possibility of suspending signed contracts. There is no stipulation for that,” Alexandre Calmon, lead partner of law firm Campos Mello Advogados’ energy area, told Reuters.

That would be a breach of contract,” he said, adding if “Petrobras fails to do something that it is obligated to do, it can be held responsible.”

What’s going to come of this situation? I don’t know. It may be very costly to get out of these contracts. So costly, in fact, that it may not be worth hanging on to Petrobas.

National Vaccine Program and Food Card

Lula is also more pro vaccine than his predecessor. Focusing on Covid vaccines. Note the child friendly mascot?

Brazil reports

Brazil launched a new national vaccination campaign on Monday that aims to recover vaccination rates lost during the administration of former President Jair Bolsonaro, a vaccine skeptic.

The campaign focuses on vaccination against Covid-19, but also childhood immunizations such as polio and measles.

To mark the launch of the campaign, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva received a booster dose of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19.

A better friend to big pharma then Bolsnaro.

Lula will be reinstating a food program for the poor- but it will have conditions. I’m anticipating, but am not certain, the food program will be tied to his new national vaccine campaign. Because Lula is a jab pusher, including the experimental covid vaccine and the food program would be the way to guarantee compliance.

Brazil can walk and chew gum at the same time so there’s no real excuse, in my opinion, for the delay.


You are free to believe as you wish regarding Lula’s running of Brazil. I’ll not judge, chastise or lambaste you for your own thoughts. My only request is that you share them in the comment section!
Thank You

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I’ve been watching how Lula the illegitimate President of BraZil [IMO] deals with BraZil’s membership in BRICS. You would think Lula would pull BraZil out of BRICS…but he has not. IMO, this is because he and his Globalist cohorts are planning to “destroy BRICS from within”. Lula, like Trudeau, is a WEFer globalist…he will sell off the national assets–but to his globalist buddies–for favours and profit,

thanks for the comment greencrow!
You could well be right- Brazil is well positioned to do that. I hadn’t thought about that situation in that way.
I’m watching with great interest the situation with the oil company..
I really, really don’t like him pushing the Covid jabs. That’s offensive considering what those of us have gone through while exercising our right to choose what is injected into our bodies

I’m hoping to read a comment from M.R. and anyone else too

Hi Penny:
Would you like me to share how the democrats stole the last presidential election for Biden? It’s an evidence based theft that would have been so easy to prove. The only way to defend the election result was to ignore the evidence. And that they did.
IMO the majority of Americans (and Canadians) are living in a mental fog which makes it impossible for them to recognize the truth even when they are presented with the evidence. To say that that makes things difficult is an understatement.
I don’t care if anyone anytime or anywhere believe what I say. If they want me to change my position on any subject, all they have to do is provide me with the evidence that I am wrong.

Hi Penny:
Mail in ballots are allowed in US presidential elections. Since it’s a secret vote, there is no identification of the voter on the ballot itself. In order for the ballot to be counted, however, the voter who sent it must sign the outside of the mail in envelope for a signature verification with a signature which is on file. If the signatures do not match, the ballot inside the envelope is not counted regardless of who the person sending the ballot voted for. If the total number of ballots discarded because of invalid signature matches exceeds the margin of victory the then the election is declared invalid and no electoral college votes are counted for that state. If enough states have their election results invalidated by these signature matches, then neither candidate may have enough electoral college votes to win the election. In that case, the election is decided by the house. In such a vote, individual members do not have a vote, the states have one vote per state. Republicans had control in more states than Democrats.
The Democrats apparently suspected Trump was going to win. So, using the excuse of Covid-19 perhaps restricting voters access to the polls, they sent out lots of mail in ballots in the swing states where the margin of victory was expected to be small in order to turn the result into Biden’s favour.
The Democrats, of course, would allow ballot recounts to take place but they would not allow an audit looking for failed signature matches on mail in ballots.
In Arizona, a small sample of 2000 mail in ballots was audited for signature verification. The auditors, including a Democrat, found eleven percent of the signatures were invalid matches. The margin of victory in Arizona was about one percent. No other state would even do such a small sample audit.
The lawyer, Robert Barnes, my source for all of the above information, went to the attorney general for Georgia and the latter assured Barnes that signature verification would be done on the mail in ballots in Georgia, one of the swing states. It was never done.

Actually, apparently the Democrat machine underestimated the margin which Biden would lose to Trump so they didn’t have enough mail in ballots to swing the results in the swing states for Biden to win. That caused them to shut down vote counting at about 11 pm on voting day in order to print more ballots. Interestingly, the Dominion vote counting machines were sold to the various states on the basis that anytime after the election was complete, all the votes could be examined as each one was scanned when it was entered into the machine. This was, of course, to prevent vote fraud to steal an election. No swing state ever examined the votes after the election. The democrats made sure of that. Remember, the Democrats controlled the big cities in the swing states. That made stealing the election possible.
I think in at least one state there were more votes cast than there were voters. You gotta love it!
Again, a verification of the mail in ballot signatures, in and of itself, would have been sufficient to overturn Biden’s election without any need to look at the ballots themselves.
Another fun fact: when addresses on mail in ballots were checked, some of them were addresses for parking lots or graveyards..

I’d heard a bit about polls being shut down, but, don’t follow the ins and out of American elections- Other than I do know there is a history of corruption ever present with them
“No swing state ever examined the votes after the election.”
well that’s interesting! And easy enough to do or should I say to not do!

Penny, do you think it’s possible the US made Lula’s release from prison and his election happen? (With all its usual techniques … bribery, blackmail and threats.) Facing a 12 year sentence at his age would have been pretty horrible. It might explain why he has aligned himself with US policies and goals … pushing of vaccination, supporting Ukraine and balking at BRICS (even though he was a key leader in its formation). First, the US would have had to influence the Brazilian Supreme Court to get Lula’s release and the annulment of charges against him. Second, the US would have had to help to rig the election to put the now very beholden Lula into the presidency. I don’t doubt the US has the means to do these things but the question is did they?

I don’t know M.R. if they did. But I can’t say they did not.
He was facing a fairly long sentence for corruption and he spent little time behind bars- this scandal “Operation Carwash” is still taking in political leaders in the south today- was just reading about it regarding
“This crisis does not originate entirely from Castillo’s presidency but has much earlier roots, which fall into three time periods. In the immediate term, it started with the Car Wash corruption scandals, which were first investigated in Brazil in 2014 and soon implicated high ranking officials and businesses across Latin America, including three former presidents of Peru. Investigations into the scandals are ongoing and contributed to the recent protests exploding before our eyes.”

Which makes me think there is something to the bribery scandal that had embroiled Lula

“Controversy swirled around the supreme court decision – the third time it had changed its mind on the issue in 10 years”

If the law is the law how could the SC change it’s mind so often?
It seems as if corruption would have been involved to get him out of jail.
It seems to me there was something funny about the election- the Jan 6 2.0 afterwards signal outside influence had to have been involved in the election itself

Did the US? I can’t put it it past them at all!

Hi Penny,
I searched around a bit to see if I could get some understanding of that infamous Car Wash Scandal. First thing I found was this article in the Intercept:
After partly skimming it I determined it was beyond my ken. I gave up reading when Dallagnol transformed in my head to Diagonal and Aras became Aries. All I could make of it is that the US definitely meddled in the Brazilian justice system.
Anyway it looks like the anti-corruption task force which investigated the Car Wash Scandal has been disbanded after 7 years of work.

Hey M.R.
Yup, I’m reading it and meddling is about the nicest way to describe US involvement in Brazil’s judicial system-
It looks as if they are embedded into the system

“FCPA refers to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the legislation through which the U.S. claims jurisdiction to prosecute the bribery of foreign officials, even if the acts occurred outside of the U.S., as long as the transactions — or the corporations or individuals who made them — use the U.S. financial system. Petrobras is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and many of the financial transactions under investigation at the time involved U.S. financial institutions or U.S. dollars.”

Still reading but the information answers does the US have the influence.. they do

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