Poland Home of Russia’s Government in Waiting..

Given Poland’s prominence in NATO, only surpassed by the US, we should expect that this government in waiting has the US/NATO seal of approval.

Globe and Mail Russian dissidents in Poland clash as they try to plot a future without Putin

The group, called the People’s Deputies of Russia, has drafted a new constitution and developed plans to hold elections for a newly formed parliament.

They also want Russia to join NATO and the European Union as soon as possible, and they’ve proposed laws that would return all land seized in Ukraine since 2014 and offer Kyiv compensation for war damage.

They even voted to change the name of their homeland to the Russian Republic from the Russian Federation.

The meeting in Warsaw – over a round table surrounded by white-blue-white flags used by the Russian opposition – was the group’s second congress. They plan to hold another session in May to finalize their plans.

The organizers took pains to point out that all the delegates had extensive experience in government and political institutions. Most of them have served in various elected positions; a handful joined online from Russia where they are still sitting councillors. Many kept their cameras off and microphones on mute for security reasons.

Ms. Filchenko was a councillor from 2017 to 2022 in a regional government that includes central Moscow. Last September she was among 18 municipal politicians from the capital and St. Petersburg who signed an open letter calling on Mr. Putin to resign.

“We, the municipal deputies of Russia, believe that the actions of its president Vladimir Putin are detrimental to Russia’s and its citizens’ future,” the letter said.

It was a remarkable and dangerous public rebuke. In an interview during the congress, Ms. Filchenko said almost everyone who signed the letter had to leave the country “because of the danger to be prosecuted.” She stayed as long as she could but felt compelled to go earlier this year after she was banned from running for office.

So, she said?

And they come with their own built in destabilizing force too!

The group’s ties to a military unit called the Free Russia legion have also been controversial and it’s not clear what role it would have in the new political framework.

The legion is made up of Russian volunteers who are fighting alongside the Ukrainian army. (Mercenaries obviously. Undoubtedly lots of ISIS)

A legion soldier who uses the call name Caesar is a member of the People’s Deputies executive, and he addressed the Warsaw meeting with a call to arms. “Unfortunately, the forms of non-violent struggle against the regime have completely exhausted themselves,” he told the group.

Ilya Ponomarev, a former Russian MP who helped found the People’s Deputies, made no apologies for the organization’s ties to the legion.

During a break last week, Mr. Ponomarev said he believed a leadership change in Moscow will only come after a military defeat in Ukraine. “That means that whoever would come to the power is the one which has military capacity. We’re the only people who have that,” he added

“We want to truly reset the country,” he said. “We think that the Russian Federation is politically bankrupt. It discredited itself. It started aggression. It transformed itself into a dictatorship. So we need to create a new culture.”

“We want to truly reset the country,” he said.

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These Russian dissidents being set up as a “shadow cabinet” are just a further expression of NATO phantasmagorical hubris. Putin has a level of support in Russia only dreamed of by western “leaders” . When they say, “We want to truly reset the country,” they show their subservience to the Klaus Schwab pharma/ big tech “one world government” banksters. They do not have and never will have any traction within the Russian body politic. As to their military component, they are subject to the same neo nazi delusions as the Right Sector and Azov groups in the Ukraine. Created and supported by CIA money they are lost in the philosophical ramblings in “Mien Kampf ” , just irreverent posers in the whirlwind of western propaganda.

I agree with everything you’ve said but the ‘reset the country’ was the icing on top of it all. If we had any doubt this desire to take out Russia was anything but a big business plot using US led NATO as it’s army that statement settled that matter!

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