Brazil’s Lula: Betraying BRICS Maduro cancels Lula meeting

In remarks that he made while in Buenos Aires on Monday, one of the literal founders of BRICS shockingly declared that “In the same way that I am against territorial occupation, as Russia did to Ukraine, I am against too much interference in the Venezuelan process.”
Quite clearly, Lula was implying that Russia’s military efforts to restore the integrity of its national security red lines in Ukraine after NATO crossed them there are morally equivalent to the US’ unprovoked Hybrid War aggression against Venezuela.

So, that’s an interesting statement from Lula. I went to the original source

“Da mesma forma que eu sou contra a ocupação territorial, como a Rússia fez à Ucrânia, sou contra muita ingerência no processo da Venezuela”, disse.

Translated it myself via google’s tranlator

“In the same way that I am against territorial occupation, as Russia did to Ukraine, I am against too much interference in the Venezuelan process,” he said.

DID YOU NOTICE THIS? “I am against too much interference in the Venezuelan process”

Digression: Very obviously he is okay with some interference just not too much of it! So how much interference is acceptable to Lula? Who defines too much interference? Lula keeps looking worse and worse. Digression ended

He is very clearly stating opposition to Russia’s entry into Ukraine.

“In the same way that I am against territorial occupation, as Russia did to Ukraine”

Though Ukraine to Venezuela is apples and oranges.

Andrew Korbyko continues on

“Newly re-elected three-time Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who’s popularly known as Lula, just shattered the foreign policy expectations of his multipolar base by becoming the first BRICS leader to publicly condemn Russia’s special operation. Unlike his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro who refused to do so and thus received a lot of flak in the US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) for his pragmatism, Lula crossed the line and even compared Russia’s involvement in Ukraine to the US’ in Venezuela.”

What makes this all the more interesting is Venezula’s leader Maduro cancelled an upcoming meeting with Lula

Venezuela calls off Maduro meeting with Lula, Brazil govt says

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Venezuela has decided to call off a previously arranged meeting between President Nicolas Maduro and his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Monday, Lula’s press office said.

The Brazilian government had announced earlier in the day the two leaders were set to meet in Buenos Aires this afternoon as they attend a summit of Latin American and Caribbean countries in Buenos Aires.

Later, however, Lula’s team released a new update of his agenda saying the meeting would no longer take place as Venezuela canceled it.

At my big tech censored blog, long time readers might recall my reporting on the fact that Venezuela and Turkey had very good relations. Turkey had helped Venezuela when they were being heavily, heavily abused/oppressed by the Americans.. Much to the ire of the US. Turkey has been resolving issues with Russia. Turkey has long been targeted by the US/NATO terror crew. As has Venezuela. Turkey has been forging it’s own path. As Venezuela has been trying to do for so long now.

Maduro cancelling the Lula meeting is really interesting. What might these actions suggest to us? I’d boldly state that Maduro smells a rat in Lula.

I’d picked up some curious Brazilian news earlier this year

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Great catch, Penny! This is why I always come to your blog…insights not to be found elsewhere. Maduro doesn’t want to meet with Lula because…using a metaphor that has now become totally outlawed by the “woke” movement….Maduro does not want to touch the political “Tar Baby” — Lula.

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