NGO Council of Canadian Academics misinform for Big Pharma

Of course pharmedia does the bidding of it’s paymasters too!

Admitted in the CTV spin piece

Canadian Press health coverage receives support through a partnership with the Canadian Medical Association. CP is solely responsible for this content.

What kind of support? Not mentioned? Obviously it’s financial which is why CTV doesn’t disclose the type and amount of support!


The report estimates (weasel wording) that vaccine hesitancy affected more than 2.35 million people between March and November 2021.

The report only looked at that nine-month period during the pandemic

March to November 2021- right at the start of the vaccine rollout. When less people were vaccinated at that time due to logistics and non approval for minors.

This NGO is suspect. As are all NGO’s

No Good Organization CCA

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) is a not-for-profit organization that convenes the best experts in their respective fields to assess the evidence on complex scientific topics of public interest to inform decision-making in Canada.

Who funds this group?

Their “experts” don’t come cheap.

So show me the money trail!

Consider this piece pharma propaganda- The CTV article acknowledges as much and a minimal amount of digging on the NGO would undoubtedly uncover corporate/GAVI financing.

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