Female Bomber Involved in Istanbul Market Bombing

If I was to make an educated guess…. I’d have to say this looks to be the work of the PKK.

  • Notorious for female bombers.
  • The PKK being the Turkish sticking point for Sweden and Finland’s green light into NATO
  • Turkey’s cooperation with Russia
  • Turkey’s non kowtowing on sanctions
  • Turkey working towards a peaceful resolution in Ukraine
  • Turkey and Russia working on another pipeline
  • Turkey and Russia’s resolution of the grain deal

    All very maddening for NATO/US. The US has been loudly expressing it’s displeasure with Turkey. For years now.

    PKK being a NATO affiliated irregular army.
    All these issues and the likelihood of a female bomber suggest the bomber/bombing was PKK orchestrated
    . Of course I could be mistaken. We shall see.

    Authorities in Turkey are investigating the possibility that a woman may have been involved in a “terror attack” that killed at least six people.

    The explosion also wounded at least 81 others when it was detonated on the busy Istiklal Avenue, in central Istanbul, on Sunday at about 4.20pm local time (1.20pm GMT).

    There is a video available at the link above if you are so inclined to see the moment of the explosion-

    Turkish authorities suspect a female terrorist may be behind a deadly bomb blast that sent shoppers fleeing in panic in a busy and popular district in central Instanbul.

    Six people were killed and 53 others were wounded when an explosion rocked the pedestrian street in an incident President Tayyip Erdogan called a “vile attack”.

    Speaking at a news conference in Istanbul, Mr Erdogan said “the smell of terror” was in the air.

    Ambulances raced to the scene on the packed Istiklal Avenue, which police had quickly cordoned off on Sunday (local time).

    The area, in the Beyoglu district of Turkey’s largest city, had been crowded as usual at the weekend with shoppers, tourists and families.

    Vice-President Fuat Oktay said the blast was thought to be a terrorist attack carried out by a woman and authorities vowed to bring any perpetrators to justice.

    Video footage showed the moment the blast occurred in the centre of the avenue, sending debris into the air and leaving several people lying on the ground.

    Kurdistan Region ( Iraq) PM Condemns The Attack

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