Moderna is banking on a combined COVID, flu & RSV vaccine. Insane Profiteering. Profiteering from Insanity.

As the media pushes the “Tripledemic” The latest Buzzword served up with a huge side of fear mongering.

This latest from the CBC as they pretend to question yet another suspect but profitable jab.

After the very profitable, experimental EUA Covid jab, we can understand very clearly why Moderna is “banking” on a combined jab

The so called journalist from the CBC asks “Will this work?” Undoubtedly this so called journalist never asked this question when it came to the experimental covid jab.

Controversial decision to promote shot before clinical trials are done raises concerns

The concern expressed by the CBC regarding the Covid jabs was so minimal. One could say it was non existent.

Moderna is developing a three-in-one vaccine against COVID-19, flu and RSV.

The vaccine manufacturer is actively promoting the shot and hoping for regulatory approval in the next year. 

And the media is helping to promote the shot as well. One would have to be blind to miss the endless headlines pushing the idea of a tripledemic (new spin)

But without solid safety and efficacy data from clinical trials, it may never come to fruition.

Come on “journalist from CBC” there can be yet another Emergency Use Authorization. Never approved. A fact CBC skirted over constantly

Moderna is actively promoting a combined COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccine, something that aims to target three of the most serious respiratory illnesses circulating each year in a single shot.
But while a safe and effective vaccine would be welcome as Canada faces a surge in pediatric RSV cases, stubbornly high COVID hospitalizations and deaths and steeply rising flu cases, the pharmaceutical company hasn’t released data to support the vaccine’s safety or efficacy.

Moderna president Stephen Hoge told CBC News he hoped the three-in-one vaccine would be submitted to Health Canada for regulatory approval within a year.

“We really do think that the triple combo — the flu, plus COVID, plus RSV — is really going to be the ideal shot for us to get every year,” he said in an interview this week.

“And honestly it just takes one shot to try and prevent all of that, and so we’ll try and add as much bang for the buck into that shot as we can and hopefully help protect people through winter seasons in the years to come.”

Of course Moderna thinks this is the ideal shot to be given every year! Would anyone expect them to make any statements to the otherwise?

‘More questions than answers’

But without solid data from clinical trials this combined vaccine may never come to fruition.

Moderna’s decision to promote its vaccine before completing Phase 3 clinical trials — in which the vaccine would be tested on a larger group as part of a randomized, double-blind study — is controversial. It’s also raised concerns from vaccine researchers and infectious diseases experts about the motivations behind prematurely marketing the shot.

It was uncontroversial for the covid jab- It was science by press release at that time.

There’s still more questions than answers, obviously, with releases like this that come from companies without accompanying data,” said Matthew Miller, a vaccine researcher and associate professor of infectious diseases and immunology at McMaster University.

I think we need to be really cautious. We have no data on safety, no data on effectiveness or efficacy or age groups. How would you handle updating various components of that vaccine? Lots and lots of questions.”

Had none of that with the covid jab either.

Alyson Kelvin, a virologist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan, said that while the flexibility of mRNA technology for future vaccines (future vaccines) is “exciting,” it’s essential to see safety and efficacy data from clinical trials.

“What is it claiming to do? Is it claiming to reduce disease, or block infection or reduce hospitalization? And is it effective in what it’s saying it’s supposed to do?” she said. “It’s always best to have the data to back up your claims.”

The talk above really suggests to me that the problems with the Covid jab are obvious and it’s going to get more difficult to keep sweeping the harm under the rug. And where was the data when the jabs were given emergency authorization use? There really wasn’t any valid data. Because the trials had never been completed. It was mass human experimentation.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases physician at Toronto General Hospital and member of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine task force, said it’s not yet known what level of protection an RSV vaccine would provide or how frequently shots would be needed.

I would be very careful now to assume that making a three-in-one vaccine that’s administered annually is needed,” he said. “Clearly, we need vaccines for all three, but we don’t know what the frequency of vaccination is going to be.”

Health Canada said in a statement to CBC News it would only authorize new vaccines if the independent and thorough scientific review of all data included in the submission showed that the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the potential risks for the Canadian population.

Notice Health Canada statement is not stating “only approve new vaccines” rather “only authorize” is used. Same as Covid jab and that turned out to be a mass human experiment. Continuing to this day. Nor did the Covid jab have anything close to an independent or thorough scientific review either!

Most important paragraphs from the CBC article

Pharmaceutical companies typically wait until Phase 3 trials are finished before actively promoting their products in the media, but the urgent need for vaccines and treatments in the pandemic has accelerated the controversial strategy of science by press release.

Science by press release. Again and again and again. Phase 3 trials were not finished when the Covid jab was authorized, promoted and given globally

Previous attempts at an RSV vaccine have proved disastrous in the past, when two infants died in the 1960s after experiencing severe lung inflammation during their first RSV infection following vaccination.

Oh just like Covid.. Don’t worry big pharms has no liability. And doctors have lost their “do no harm’ ethic, entirely.

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