US Issued Terror Threat Warning for Turkey- Influencing the upcoming Turkish elections

  • There are too many reasons why the US, as the head of NATO, would want to see Erdogan gone! Mentioned below;
  • There’s the Turkish/Russian Relations. Including right of passage through the waterway (Bosphorus/Dardenelles) Very strategic waterway
  • Erdogan’s working to mediate between Russia and Ukraine
  • The possible reconciliation between Turkey and Syria
  • Turkey’s reluctance to approve Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO
  • Refusal to accept US proxy terrorists PKK/YPG

Jewish News Service

January 30, 2023 / JNS) The U.S. Embassy in Turkey on Monday warned Americans of possible “imminent retaliatory attacks” in the country in response to several recent incidents of Koran burning in Europe.

“The U.S. government cautions its citizens of possible imminent retaliatory attacks by terrorists against churches, synagogues and diplomatic missions in Istanbul or other places Westerners frequent, especially in the [city’s] Beyoglu, Galata, Taksim and Istiklal areas, (attack took place there Nov. 22) ” said the embassy in a statement.

Previously covered

Erdogan’s re-election would serve Putin

For Russia, Turkey is the “gateway to the rest of the world”

The war in Ukraine, for example, has contributed to the Turkish and Russian leaders moving closer together, confirms foreign policy and energy expert Aydin Sezer. “For Russia, Turkey is like the gateway to the rest of the world. The Kremlin values its relationship with Ankara very highly.”

In Russia, on the other hand, the image of Erdogan and his government is good, says Turkish political scientist Umit Nazmi Hazir, who conducts research in Moscow. “Putin and Erdogan have known each other for twenty years. They are both familiar with each other and can communicate directly.” This naturally makes it easier to communicate their individual concerns.

Should the opposition win the elections in Turkey, this would also run counter to Russian interests, according to Hazir. The new government would possibly be more democratic: “Russia’s ability to control Turkey would diminish. Moscow would then have to talk to several actors.”

The US cannot allow this cooperation to stand. By getting friendlier to US interests leadership into Turkey they (US) can throttle Russia. And further plunder Ukraine!

Western media outlets are already managing western minds with the idea that Erdogan will not win this election. I think he will. He’s popular in Turkey. And the Turkish population is surely aware of western duplicity and the targeting of their country

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