Fear Mongering Aside: “Please Stop Calling It the ‘Doomsday Glacier’

But, but if we (the media) don’t use fear to push what ever agenda is being advanced, how else can the masses be cajoled, manipulated and suborned? Persuaded into conformity? Made to toe the line? (accept the authority, principles, or policies of a particular group, especially under pressure.)

In 2019, (it’s 2022 presently) NASA scientists discovered a huge cavity beneath the glacier, about two-thirds the size of Manhattan, which could speed up the glacier’s demise. This week, researchers mapped the ocean floor in front of Thwaites, showing the glacier had rapidly retreated in the past — and suggesting a small kick might accelerate its retreat once more.

That nickname, “Doomsday Glacier” though it has generated mountains of press exploring the fate of Thwaites, might actually do more harm than good. It’s a moniker glaciologists and scientists shy away from using — so why is it so pervasive in the mainstream press?

Pervasive in the msm- see cajoled, manipulated and suborned

Some stories suggest Thwaites is known as the Doomsday glacier in “scientific circles” because its disintegration could lead to catastrophic sea level rise of more than three to 10 feet.

That’s not quite the case.

We don’t know for sure how Thwaites’ disintegration would change sea levels in the short term.

The glacier itself locks up about 25 inches of sea level rise, but most stories use the three- to 10-feet range. This is actually referring to the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet being lost.

One of the chief reasons scientists feel uneasy about the phrase is that it suggests we’re already doomed. “We are not,” said Eric Rignot

“It’s kind of too alarmist,” noted Helen Fricker, a glaciologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The media likes alarmist. The media loves fear porn. 24/7. It’s great for business.

Marine geophysicist Alastair Graham and co-authored by glaciologist Robert Larter at the British Antarctic Survey, shows how precarious the situation is and how much faster than expected Thwaites might retreat. But even Larter shies away from using the word “doomsday.”

“Might” Not quite the case” “Suggesting”

These are definitely not terms that shout ” Doomsday”

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