Has Queen Elizabeth Passed Away? Yes

The news is certainly strange surrounding her state of being.

There was this story below- Original url

queen elizabeth passes away at 96

There’s live footage of traffic entering the palace grounds

Sort of surreal

And the BBC presenters are wearing black

Wearing black is in line with the BBC’s dress code when a royal member of the family dies

It seems to me the Queen must have passed away.

And now it’s been officially confirmed – Update posted beginning at 1:30 pm EST

The Herald reported this two hours ago?

Queen Elizabeth has died, Buckingham Palace confirms

2 hrs ago

The queen died peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday.

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Maybe I am reaching with this. But I like to exhaust every possibility.

Could her death be used as a signal for the start of the western meltdown?

Hey Kaz

‘Could her death be used as a signal for the start of the western meltdown?”

It could.

I also thought the comet or meteor that streaked across the night sky in Scotland was interesting too..

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