Covid deaths & Vaccine deaths: Live Births Down/Still Births Up

A brief follow up on yesterday’s post-

I’m hoping some or all of the friends of the site downloaded the included pdf for some additional insights?

For those that did the information regarding a large increase in stillbirths occurring in 2021- second quarter is definite cause for concern. If I’m not mistaken this coincided with the jab rollout. After the initial losses in 2021 we see another increase in early 2022.

If, as postulated, the vaccine is creating a hyper immune response it is possible the body’s immune system is over reacting to the newly created life? Resulting in the increased still births.

The numbers of live births dropped right off shortly after the jab roll out in 2021 and then continued to decline into 2022.

  • A “relatively large” decrease of live births of 10.1 percent.
  • A large increase in still births of 10.7 percent is shown.
  • 2019 to 2020 were relatively stable in terms of still births

Do you have any thoughts on the ongoing problem of excess deaths? Certainly the media is largely quiet. Here in Canada there is no end to pushing endless jab after jab on the populace.

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