COVID deaths & Vaccine deaths: Might this explain the excess death numbers?

A very, very interesting read on the subject of excess/unexplained deaths we’ve been following for some time now…

From Josh Mitteldorf- An individual I’ve just today come across and read the piece that is now linked below

*Covid Deaths and Vaccine Deaths- Experimental Frontiers Science Blog

Truth was the first casualty in the war on COVID. Trusted sources of medical information became propaganda outlets, and when that wasn’t enough, the raw data on which medical analysis was based was withheld and even falsified by the governments that controlled it.

Hence, it’s refreshing to see an honest analysis of apparently honest government data. The analysis comes from Christof Kuhbandner and Matthias Reitzner, professors of sociology and mathematics, respectively, at two German universities. The data is from the German Federal Statistical Office (Bundesamt für Statistik). I’m grateful to a fellow Substacker who writes under the pseudonym Eugyppius for calling my attention to this article and placing it in context. 

Of course what we’d like to have is a count of deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID and corresponding counts for deaths and hospitalizations due to the vaccines. This data has been disguised or deleted by governments around the world. The very definitions of causality have been gamed for these two cases.

Draw your own conclusions.

But data on all-cause mortality are more difficult to disguise or to reinterpret, as our two authors are quick to point out. This is a simple list of people who died, together with their age and sex, and no overlaid story about how they met their demise. The point is that we can find patterns in this data that hold implications for COVID epidemiology and COVID policy.

Take-home message

Here’s the bottom line: In 2020, we see a slight excess of death in the oldest age group, too small to be significant. In 2021, we see a large excess of death in middle-aged people.

My interpretation agrees with Eugyppius (though the authors of the academic paper are sticking to “just the facts, Ma’am”). My interpretation is that COVID in its first wave (2020) killed mostly people who were already old, and they died earlier than they would have, had it not been for COVID. Vaccine adverse reactions (2021) caused death across a broader range of ages, but we see the signature most prominently in the middle ages. This is because 

  • The old people who were most vulnerable were already dead from COVID before the vaccines were rolled out.
  • Old people’s immune systems are less active, and they are less likely to overreact to the vaccines in fatal ways.
  • Among healthy middle-aged people, the baseline death rates are quite low, so that the vaccine’s contribution to mortality expressed as a percentage sticks out more prominently, even though the absolute numbers are not as large as the count of old people killed by the vaccines.

Governments and their mouthpieces in the media would like to attribute the 2021 excess deaths to COVID, but we know that COVID deaths are heavily concentrated in the oldest age range, and what happened in 2021 did not fit that pattern.

You can read the rest for yourself at the opening link*

There is additional information included there for you to peruse.

My opinion? Absolutely worth the time to read and definitely worth considering in light of the problematic, but, continuing to be swept under the rug reality of excess deaths.