Erdogan Rightly Claims the EU is the Master of their own Energy Misfortune

And he is correct. There is really no denying this reality.

Europe’s Insanity on Full Display

He told reporters before departing for a three-nation swing through the Balkans that European nations were “harvesting what they sowed” by imposing economic restrictions on Russia.

“Europe’s attitude towards Mr Putin, its sanctions, brought Mr Putin — willingly or not — to the point of saying: ‘If you do this, I will do that,’” Erdogan said.

“He is using all his means and weapons. Natural gas, unfortunately, is one of them.”

Erdogan said he did not expect Turkey to experience any energy shortages this year.

“I think Europe will have serious issues this winter,” Erdogan said. “We do not have such a situation.”

France says Turkey must avoid trading with sanctioned Russian firms

France’s top diplomat on Monday raised the danger of Russia using Turkey to avoid Ukraine-related sanctions during a sensitive visit to Ankara that tried to navigate a range of prickly disputes.

Colonna made efforts at a joint media appearance with Cavusoglu to avoid a repeat of the public spat that developed during a visit by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to Ankara in July.

“The sanctions policy we are pursuing has one objective, which is to limit the Russian war effort. The sanctions system deprives Russia’s war effort. We will talk about that.”

Cavusoglu did not react to the minister’s comments about sanctions but said: “It is obvious that do not agree on everything with France, but it is not an obstacle to dialogue.”

Putin and Erdogan continue regular communications

The Turkish leader expressed condolences over the death of former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and noted his significant role in the contemporary history of Russia and the entire world.

The leaders discussed further progress of the multifaceted cooperation between Russia and Turkiye in the context of the agreements reached in Sochi on August 5.

They reaffirmed their commitment to expand trade and economic relations, including promoting joint strategic projects in energy.

The discussion also touched upon the situation in Ukraine. Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed Russia’s constructive role in organising the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. Also, they reviewed the implementation of the grain deal concluded in Istanbul on July 22 with mediation of the President of Turkiye.

The leaders agreed to continue contacts.

To re-engage in the Black Sea, the US must look to Turkey

The US has had much longer then a decade to ‘re engage’ with Turkey- They haven’t

But for any successful re-engagement effort, the United States will need tacit Turkish cooperation that will require Washington to repair relations with Ankara.

The problems mentioned:

  • Having simmered for years, these tensions are complex and rooted in Turkey’s frustration with US support for Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militants (PKK)
  • Arms embargoes over the purchase of Russian S-400 air-defense systems

The problems not mentioned in the linked article:

  • Backing a coup to overthrow Erdogan- including what seemed to me to be a possible attempted assassination
  • Attacking Iraq- Which was not supported by Turkey

“Central to any US-Turkish rapprochement will be to focus on areas of common interest—notably the central theme of regional stability and both nations’ respective roles in securing it. Washington should make clear that its wider re-engagement in the Black Sea will complement Turkey’s regional aspirations, not be seen as challenging them.”

All things considered it’s very clear that any attempt at rapprochement by the US will only be undertaken to challenge Turkey’s well being as a nation state. Further threatening it’s stability.

One reply on “Erdogan Rightly Claims the EU is the Master of their own Energy Misfortune”

Another valuable assessment for your readers, Penny. It would seem that the Parasites who are now enmeshed with what we call Globalists are determined to apply their historical formula to Russian resources…”Get Something for Nothing.” In other words, they are determined to one way or another render Russia into a colony to be sucked dry and then thrown away…like the United States is now being.

Russia under Putin will have none of it. And so the stalemate continues.

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