And then there were 6 dead doctors in less then 2 weeks in July..

The sixth doctor died “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” July 23/22 at the age of 44.

Health care staff in southeast Saskatchewan are mourning the loss of a colleague who died unexpectedly last weekend.

Dr. Shahriar Jalali Mazlouman, who had worked in Melville, Yorkton and Ituna, died on July 23, according to a news release from the SHA.

“Dr. Mazlouman was dedicated and caring, top of his class, intelligent, hard-working, and a passionate physician,” Dr. Johann Roodt, the interim physician executive of Integrated Rural Health, said in the release.

“There are not enough words to describe this incredible young man. His sudden passing is deeply felt by all who knew him and the communities he served in.”

Dr. Mazlouman had practiced as a physician at the the Melville Medical Clinic since July 2021. Before that, he worked in the emergency room at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre and once a week he would provide emergency room medical services in Ituna.

The Doctor was found unresponsive in a local community pool

A 44-year-old man was found dead at a local swimming pool in Esterhazy, Sask. on Saturday.

RCMP were called to the the D.A. Mackenzie Aquatic Center around 1:30 p.m. and found the man unresponsive in the pool. He was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS.

The RCMP said his family has been notified. The cause of death is still under investigation by the Saskatchewan Coroners Service.

In the past two weeks, Canada has received news of six medical deaths, the most recent being that of Dr. Candice Nyman.

Five doctors were based in the Toronto area, and three worked at the same hospital. Dr. Mazluman is from Saskatchewan

Name and date of death:

Dr. Paul Hunnam, (50 years of age-known as the Olympian) July 16
Dr. Lorne Segal, July 17
Dr. Stephen McKenzie, July 18
Dr. Jakub Sawicki, July 19
Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazluman, (44 years of age) July 23
Dr. Candice Nyman, (27 years of age) July 28

Vaccine related? Possibly. Considering the known issues with the experimental jab/therapeutic.

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