Triathlete, 27, becomes 5th GTA doctor to die in July

I guess it’s the “new normal”?

5 Doctors in the month of July. In the GTA.

This young woman just 27 years old. Healthy, vibrant, exuding energy. A triathelete. Gone.

Dr. Candace Nayman, 27, a resident at McMaster Children Hospital in Hamilton, collapsed while swimming in a triathlon and died four days later on Thursday, July 28, 2022

This has been a tough week that just got worse with this news.

The fifth GTA doctor to die in July “radiated positivity” and “lived a vibrant and active life.”

Four other local doctors have died in the month of July

Trillium Partners staff physicians Dr. Jakub Sawicki, Dr. Stephen McKenzie and Dr. Lorne Segall died last week, just days after the tragic death of North York General Hospital’s Dr. Paul Hannam, an Olympian who died during a run at 50 years old.

These are certainly not senior citiizens-

Don’t ask any questions! Nothing to see here.

Kaz reminded me about the previous post covering unexplained excess deaths- I’ve added it below

2 replies on “Triathlete, 27, becomes 5th GTA doctor to die in July”

They were just inexperienced to exercise with the heat caused by climate change and that inexperience put them into a difficult position which unfortunately cost their lives. its not a vaccine issue.

(I hope you understand that this is just an argument they could cook up)

But like I said some posts ago, the current level of death is still within acceptable margins. Unless some advocates of the vaccine is dying that might make a mark. But then again, did they even get a valid one in the first place. Because those guys are most useful when they haven’t gotten the real thing.

Kaz, Your comment made me laugh. Because it was so spot on!

My husband was going to say the exact same thing- well they can blame in on “climate change”.

The previous report on excess/unknown deaths was added to the above post, because it’s relevant!

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