Hospitals confirm deaths of four physicians but deny vaccine-related

Interesting- 4 doctors die in a very narrow time frame. Hospitals deny it is vaccine related. Maybe? Maybe not? Since there is no information on long term affects of the vaccine, and we already know there are a bunch of issues with myocarditis/pericarditis/strokes/blood clots etc.,

Can the hospital say with certainty it’s not vaccine related? That does not seem realistic.

Admittedly it’s odd that 4 physicians would die in just over a week’s time.


Dr. Lorne Segall, Dr. Jakub Sawicki, Dr. Paul Hannam and Dr. Stephen McKenzie.

Two GTA hospitals have confirmed the deaths of four staff doctors during one week in July but deny any connection to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Three of the doctors were from Mississauga’s Trillium Health Partners and one was from North York General Hospital.

Dr. Hannam, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics sailor is described as a “physician, Olympian, family man, and mentor” who “died of sudden cardiac failure early into a fun run on the 16th of July 2022” at “50 years old.”

Dr. Segall said “with tremendous grief, we announce the loss of Lorne Segall who passed away July 17, 2022 in his 49th year after a ridiculously unfair and hard fought year-long battle with advanced lung cancer.

Nothing mentioned about Dr Sawicki’s cause of death

““Dr. Sawicki completed his training at the Credit Valley Family Medicine Teaching Unit in 2013 and has been a member of the Surgical Assisting team at Trillium Health Partners since 2014”

Nothing on Dr McKenzie either.

All we really know is the hospital’s have released a statement saying these 4 deaths are not related to the covid jab. For whatever that is actually worth?

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