Mariupol & Azavstol: Turkey Expelled from NATO for Blocking Sweden/Finland?

Could Turkey Be Expelled From NATO Over Blocking Finland, Sweden? Personally speaking.. it’s not going to happen. We’ll get to that.

By now we are all aware those holed up in Azavstol took the opportunity given and surrendered. Initially their were humanitarian passages set up to evacuate the injured. That quickly turned into an all out surrender. It’s interesting to read the spin- As was already mentioned.

Surrender is spun as stopping defense of. To some degree that may be true, but, largely it’s just misdirection. Surrender was defined in my previous report

Russia claims they’ve registered more then 1700 POW’s.

Russia’s defense ministry said Thursday hundreds more Ukrainian soldiers had surrendered at the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, bringing the total this week to 1,730.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a statement it was registering fighters who left Azovstal, an operation that began Tuesday and was continuing Thursday.

British intelligence corroborates this

At least 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers are believed to have surrendered from the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol while an “unknown number” of Ukrainian forces still remain inside the besieged factory, British officials said Friday.

I’m not sure if there remains an “unknown number” of Ukranazis in Azavastol at this time. We’ll know soon enough. However, recent news out of Russia is suggesting these alleged elite forces are all out of the plant.

The month-long siege of the Azovstal metal works in Mariupol is over after the remaining members of the Azov fighters surrendered and Russian forces took complete control of the almost totally destroyed sprawling plant that has (had) become an icon of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the Russian invasion.

“The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant … has been completely liberated,” the Russian defence ministry said in a statement. It said the group that had given up comprised 531 people.

However, that same evening Azov regiment’s deputy commander Sviatoslav “Kalyna” Palamar posted a video on social media where he said many soldiers were still at Azovstal and that “a certain operation is underway”, but he didn’t give details. At the time an estimated 500 soldiers were thought to still be in the catacombs that run under the plant.

The decision for the remaining soldiers in the steel mill to also lay down their arms on May 20 seems to be in part driven by orders from Kyiv. Earlier in the day Ukraine’s military command ordered the Azov fighters to lay down their arms.

This is a huge loss to Ukraine. Not just in the number of fighters, but, in the perception of Ukraine’s ‘fight to the death’ attitude.

Azavstol was promoted as the heart of the Ukrainian resistance. That heart is broken. This has to be demoralizing from the perspective of promoting heroic war ideas

It remains unclear how many of the Azov soldiers were lost in the defence of the metal works. According to some estimates 3,500 Azov fighters arrived in Azovstal at the start of the siege, which suggests up to 1,000 Azov fighters were killed or captured during the siege.

On Thursday, Turkey blocked the start of talks around Finland and Sweden’s membership over complaints that the two countries have too lax an attitude towards the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Gülenist movement, two groups Turkey identifies as terrorist organizations.

Over at my big tech censored blog there were reports covering Kurdish extremists groups operating in Finland.

Ankara’s objection could prove a real challenge towards a possible Finland and Sweden entry into the alliance, as NATO requires unanimous approval from all its members to accept new members. So how’s NATO going to respond to a member state that once again is proving an inconvenient, uneasy ally?

It’s not the first time there’s talks of kicking Turkey out of the alliance.

The idea was first suggested in 2016 when Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan cracked down on the opposition after a failed coup. It was then brought up again in 2019 when Turkey invaded northeastern Syria. NATO allies reacted with horror and concern at the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the country, with Sweden and Finland imposing sanctions on Ankara that are still in place.

At the time, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham suggested Turkey’s membership in NATO should have been suspended, if Turkish troops attacked the Kurdish forces who had helped the U.S. destroy the ISIS Caliphate.

But the North Atlantic Treaty regulating NATO does not have an option to suspend or even expel members. But there’s the possibility to do something to the same effect when a member state persistently violates the principles contained in the pact—by failing to safeguard the freedom of its people, the country’s democracy and the rule of law. In that case, NATO members can unanimously decide to stop assisting that ally.

But would NATO go as far in response to Turkey’s refusal to approve Finland and Sweden’s bid for membership?

An Inescapable Strategic Partner

American historian and University of Michigan Professor of Political Science Ronald Grigor Suny thinks that it’s highly unlikely NATO would take such a drastic move that would completely alienate such a strategic ally.

"Turkey has played an amazing strong hand all through the Cold War and at present because of its geographical location," Suny told Newsweek. "So its placement in Istanbul along the straits in Anatolia, south of Russia and north of the Middle East, has made it far more important a strategic partner than a lot of states of greater population or greater importance in other ways."

“Erdoğan and Putin are both realists. They’re unsentimental about politics,” Suny said. “They’ll do what’s necessary to enhance their own state position.

Wow, I can recall saying exactly that about Erdogan and Putin (at my big tech censored blog) Realists. Pragmatic. ( No negative or positive connotation -that is clearly their way) Can you say lambasted?(criticized (someone or something) harshly) I was lambasted for writing that down.

Further ignoring Suny’s gibberish because Erdogan has good support among anti PKK kurds. And it is not in the nations interest to oppress kurds in general- so this is just absurd spin. It is in Turkey’s interest to fight terrorists and destabilizers.

NATO won’t eject Turkey- certainly NATO will try something else of a devious nature. NATO will try to ‘have it’s cake and it it too’

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“In that case, NATO members can unanimously decide to stop assisting that ally.”

Ow yeah, its not as if that is not happening right now.

Well I think I mentioned in on of the older posts. They have to make a choice. Turkiye or its dissidents.

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