“Creepy F*’n Dictator Trudeau” Joe Rogan

Sky news covers Joe Rogan’s statement on Justin Trudeau- Dam I missed this! Better late then not at all.

Some really good comments below the video

Jay Phillips

5 days ago The irony is that Trudeau reacted to a protest about government overreach, by overreaching …


6 days ago He certainly is just that. A guy who is guilty of everything he accuses anyone who opposes him of and has corrupted institutions with taxpayer money to do his bidding.

Rod Weinmeyer

7 days ago It really pisses me off to be called racist and to have “unacceptable views” by a costume changing, black face wearing, serial groping, ethically challenged, scandal riven, photo-op chasing, hypocritical, apologist, bobblehead in fancy socks. I am embarrassed to have this person referred to as the “prime minister”.

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