Ukraine to Central Asia

Latest news reports suggest Russia has begun it’s move in eastern Ukraine. Donbas. If these reports are accurate they suggest to me that Mariupul is under control of Russia and allies allowing for Russian advancement to begin.

Humanitarian corridors were opened for remaining fighters and any civilians to leave the steel works

To that end, Russian forces and troops of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic “halted any military activity” around the Azovstal steelworks plant, Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, said in a statement.

The ministry said the decision was made taking into account the “catastrophic situation” at the plant and “purely humanitarian principles.”

Humanitarian convoys have been deployed in “three directions” that include buses, cars and ambulances to transport and treat people.

Temporary accommodation and first aid facilities have also been set up, the ministry said.

Moscow urged Kyiv authorities to put pressure on the military “to stop the senseless resistance.”

“But realizing that the commanders of Ukrainian units may not receive such orders and commands from the Kyiv authorities, we urge them to make such a decision on their own and to lay down their arms,” the ministry said.



Russian forces have taken control of the eastern city of Kreminna

Having previously reported on the controversial appearance of Azov battalion members in the Greek parliament, here’s an update:

It seems this Greek AZOV member was recently killed in the fighting- Considering the abuse heaped on the Greeks in Mariupul by this bunch it seems doubtful this news will cause a great deal of sorrow-

India- The Diplomat

Biden’s Problem With India

Last Sunday, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan outlined America’s three key objectives in light of this new crisis: “a free and independent Ukraine, a weakened and isolated Russia and a stronger, more unified, more determined West.” (US led NATO)

But if isolating Russia is now a key policy objective in Washington, India is an important obstacle. In response to these efforts, India has begun talks with Moscow to explore ways to sidestep Western sanctions, including by trading in their own currencies. Prior to the war, Russia was only a marginal energy supplier to India. But in March and April of this year alone, India has signed contracts to import more oil from Russia than it did in 2021.

India has robust economic reasons to defy the West and continue such trade with Russia. And if India is indeed a U.S. ally against China, then such trade is also in Washington’s own interest, given that it would strengthen India’s hand. Cheap energy and commodities from Russia are increasingly vital for India’s post-pandemic recovery — to jumpstart an economy that was ravaged by a devastating second wave of COVID-19 infections last year. In addition, Russian arms — which still make up 60 percent of India’s artillery — are crucial in any war with China.

But Biden also has an even more fundamental question to answer: Is India really a reliable ally against China?

Much of America’s rivalry with China is now a battle of norms to shape the world: human rights, rule of law, rights of self-determination and sovereignty, freedom of navigation in the seas, a free internet free flow of data across borders, climate action responsibility, and so on.

Other then the battle to shape the world the above Diplomat paragraph is out to lunch- free internet? human rights? rule of law? Feel good buzz words obfuscating the reality of life in the alleged free democratic western world

Last two paragraphs:

India however is a much more interesting player in Central Asia. India has increased its connections to many of the countries in the region, and the Indian route for the governments of these republics seems to have an alternative to having to loosen religious restrictions. India could have powerful economic trade elements and is seeking to counterbalance other states in the region. India would have a vested interest in keeping China, and Iran from expansion due to fears of increased support of Pakistan. However, India has close economic and trade partnerships with Iran and Russia, and the current hesitation of Modi to condemn Russia has made it clear that India does not want to align itself against Russia. However, if India wished to assert more power in the region to counter Chinese interests, now would be the time. It all depends on what Modi wishes to do, and that remains unclear. However, India would not be happy with an increase in Chinese influence and power unchecked.

In totality, Central Asia is heading towards a radical reconfiguration in the geopolitical balance of power, possibly even towards war. In conclusion, the fate of the Central Asian Republics, and the geopolitical implications remain unclear. However, it is important to watch what may happen in the coming weeks and months, as most of the regional and world powers have a grave stake in what is to come. China, Iran, India, Turkey, Russia and NATO all have interests and possible avenues to stake claims and influence in the republics, which will have worldwide implications and consequences in the coming years.

British Soldiers were illegally fighting in Ukraine

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis and Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry have both said that Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin were fighting illegally in Ukraine

“shouldn’t have been there, it is an illegal act to be there”.

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry then told Sky that it was “absolutely right” to say that the two men were in Ukraine illegally, adding “Brandon Lewis is right to say that it is against the law for British citizens to fight in Ukraine.”

They went for the money. Based on their histories they’ve fought as mercenaries in a number of nations.

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