“Why Canada Will Become a Dictatorship Under Justin Trudeau”

Saw a screen shot of this article posted in this Twitter thread. Did a search to see if this was the real deal. Looks to be.

Online Archive for HuffPostCanada

Let’s reread the last little bit:

Would a Prime Minister Trudeau arbitrarily whip the vote and outlaw certain moral questions? Could Prime Minister Trudeau be trusted to make decisions for the good of the country, not just for his personal self-worth? Would Trudeau call in the police to enforce his vision?

Let’s hope we never have the opportunity to ask those questions.

Perhaps more Canadians should have asked these questions.

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What is done with traitors in Canada? We kill them here (or, at least, we used to).

Castrholio Trudeau needs to swing. From a tree.

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