Flashback: Called Trudeau’s Divisive Leadership in 2015

Yesterday’s post, the edited oped from the Globe and Mail inspired me to go back and demonstrate the erroneous/misleading stance undertaken by Mr Ibitson

Ibitson His divisive actions over the past six months contributed to the mess

It’s been years and years of this division sowing

In 2015 when Justin Trudeau was first elected I made some predictions about what his leadership would be like. This report was posted at my former big tech censored blog. I’ll screen shot it below. Pointed out the obvious similarities to former US President Obama’s campaign

As predicted in 2015

Trudeau did divide the country- We are suffocating under the absurdity of political correctness (woke) and free speech has definitely been further, harshly restricted. I followed up with numerous reports documenting his divisive leadership. Sadly, as I’d predicted in 2015 due to the further erosion of free speech these reports have been censored by google.

The division in this country has been years in the making and Justin Trudeau’s polished veneer has fooled far too many Canadians, who now love their servitude.

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