Russia Recognizes Donetsk & Lugansk

This exact tactic was used with the breakaway provinces of Georgia. Plenty on this at my big tech censored blog. Bottom line? This has been done previously by Russia- The NATO nations carry on about it, but, they’ve made the same types of moves globally.
It should be noted, according to this linked report, that Kosovo was designated a NATO nation today

Pressure on Serbia keeps growing, and a plan is being designed in the western centers of power for Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina to be “pushed” towards NATO, Belgrade media report. This would complete the circle around Serbia, and put Belgrade in a situation where it would apply for membership in this organization, Novosti reports.

The interlocutors on this topic point out that such tactics for the political and security reconfiguration of the Western Balkans have been considered in the leading countries of the Alliance for a long time.

According to unofficial information, the entry of Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina into NATO would take place in two key steps. The first is to change the decision-making system in the Alliance itself, where the principle of consensus of member states is now in force. Adopting a decision-making mechanism by a simple or two-thirds majority would remove obstacles to, say, putting Kosovo, which is not recognized by five EU members (Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain, Romania and Greece), under NATO’s security umbrella.

Breakaway regions in Ukraine ask Putin to recognize independence

Putin is slated to speak at the Duma either today or tomorrow and the legislative body has passed a motion to recognize the breakaway regions. There’s tremendous pressure on Putin at home to do that, as they’re Russian speakers.

I don’t think these requests are anything new. They want Russia to recognize their independence and sign agreements on friendship and defense cooperation.

If Putin does that, does it really change the state of play? Russia’s ruble and equity markets are falling today so maybe it does but I don’t think Europe wants to harshly sanction Russia over something that’s already de-facto happening. (It’s not in Europe’s interest to be overly servile to US dictates)

Putin signs decrees on recognizing Donestsk and Lugansk

MOSCOW, February 21. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees at the ceremony in the Kremlin on recognizing the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Speaking in a televised address to the citizens earlier, Putin explained: “I believe it is necessary to take this long overdue decision. I immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic.”

The Russian leader asked the Federal Assembly to back this decision and then ratify the treaties on friendship and mutual aid with both republics. While announcing this decision, the president voiced confidence about the support of Russian citizens and all patriotic forces in the country.

Later, Putin met with the DPR and LPR leaders, Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, and signed with them the treaties on friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between Russia and both republics. The ceremony was held in the Kremlin’s St. Catherine Hall, which hosted the meeting of the Russian Security Council. At this meeting, the Security Council’s members called for recognizing the independence of the DPR and LPR.

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“Bosnia-Herzegovina into NATO would take place in two key steps.”

**Looks at the dalton agreement**
Honestly that region has already suffered enough can they just cut it out.

Hey Kaz
The Dayton Agreement/Accords? I think that’s what you meant, because, you’re definitely savvy enough to be aware of it’s existence when others aren’t.
Had articles up at the previous blog, but, for others who may be unaware

Hal Holbrooke was the player of the day.. He aligned with the terrorist crew the KLA- well known from Afghanistan- same playbook was taken out to enable the arab spring campaigns.
This is where Marie Colvin comes into play she was with the KLA and with the rebels aka US backed mercenaries in Syria- (she’s deceased)
And I don’t trust wiki for a resource for her because her page was created when she died. Weirdly enough (again, all at my previous blog)

Yep my bad, Dayton it was.

And with regards to blogs in general. Even though it might be on your previous blog. Because you can’t/couldn’t easy categorize the blog posts it makes it inconvenient to find it.

Hey Kaz
I understand wrt ease of search. I’ve added a search feature to this site to help with finding previous posts but not sure how helpful it will be.
I’m trying to figure this out with my extremely limited computer skills

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