Justin Trudeau: Poster Boy for Vaxx Fail

Keeping in mind that the Prime Minister is triple jabbed.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and, so far, he’s feeling “fine.”

Trudeau got his first two COVID-19 shots last year and received a booster dose at an Ottawa pharmacy earlier this month.

After announcing his test result, Trudeau urged everyone to get vaccinated and get boosted.

Yes, people keep getting jabbed.

Ignore the fact that their are serious concerns about the effect repeated jabbing is having on your immune system. Don’t think about that… just keep in mind the jab profits for big pharma, am I right?

Not to mention potential profit for future auto immune disorder treatments/drugs once your innate/natural ability to fight dis ease is ruined. Get jabbed.

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If forced to choose between Hell’s Angels and the government of Canada as a guarantor of personal security, No contest!

The “last dictator of Europe”—the only guy who hasn’t aggressively pushed unproven genetic slurries and cattle tags on his people—has once again stated the obvious: Leader-worship is probably not a great idea in 2022. But Luka certainly knows how to work a crowd.

Hi gallier2

I’d seen that information somewhere over the week end..
I personally don’t think Trudeau ever left Ottawa, however, having that plane appear in Germany could be useful to create false narratives intended to mislead people here in Canada. That was more my thinking.

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