Protest Convoy Highlights Power of Truth

Main Stream Media continues to name call and denigrate the convoy and it’s supporters. One has to assume this is the agenda in play set off by Mr Trudeau and his “fringe minority” label. Along with all the other pejoratives he so regularly employs.

One CBC headline jumped out at me this morning. I’m opting to not link to it. However the headline of my report is a clue to finding the main stream media presentation if you so choose.

The quote below better explains the reality of the convoy and it’s mass support here in Canada. As well as globally.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.

Or more to the point:

The truth will defend itself

The main stream media’s endless use of manipulative language, meant to influence the mind. To direct your thoughts. To promote fear. Is very suggestive that truth is not what is being served up for mass consumption.

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I had the “you can’t trust government and its media lackies” conversation with my 17 year old daughter the other day after she used an article from the NY Times as her ‘source’ to disparage Dr Mercola, when I was asked to purchase some vitamins for her by her doctor.

I pointed out several instances where the rag was caught lying about various subjects (one was the Project Veritas suit).

Young people are so gullible because of this brainwashing. Heck, many old folks are worse.

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