Israel: 4th jab NOT effective against Omicron

Let’s be realistic- The first, second and thirds jabs were not effective either. Didn’t impede transmission. Allowed for breakthrough infections. Didn’t keep one out of hospital. The ICU. Or prevent death from Covid.

Think Colin Powell.

And the millions upon millions of breakthrough cases have many harmful and or deadly outcomes. Never mind the damage wrought by the jabs themselves.

Let’s talk Israel. Pfisrael has a very heavily jabbed population.

Study: 4th vaccine dose not very effective against Omicron

“Given the exclusive data from Sheba Medical Center on the Omicron disease among Sheba employees participating in the large serology study, we understand that despite the significant increase in antibodies after the fourth vaccine, this protection is only partially effective against the Omicron strain, which is relatively resistant to the vaccine.”

Fourth Jab A Fail

“We know by now that the level of antibodies needed to be protected from Omicron and not to get infected is probably too high for this vaccine, even if it is a good vaccine,” said Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay,

Is it a “good vaccine”? LOL. How is that claim being defined?

Whatever ‘antibodies’ increase results, they are useless.

Could it be because the jabs are damaging the human immune/defense system? An idea that’s been advanced by the EU Regulator. Appears to be a definite possibility!

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