Omicron acts as Nature’s Vaccine

Because Mother Nature doesn’t want all humans to die. That’s the goal of creepy illegitimate leaders, exploitative profiteers and other treacherous types known as the powers that shouldn’t be.


Covid scientist are increasingly convinced the Omicron variant is acting as a natural vaccine for tens of millions of people around the world as most infected people have no or very mild symptoms, yet their bodies do produce full antibodies.

In South Africa, where Omicron was first detected in November, infection rates are dropping rapidly and most experts believe the Omicron wave has passed and other countries should expect the same cycle in the next few months.

The high level of contagiousness, paired with very mild symptoms, may make Omicron a blessing in disguise, some Covid scientists argue. In fact, some go as far by suggesting there may no need to get vaccinated anymore, just get Omicron.

Tail end of the pandemic?

A number of experts around the world are convinced the world is currently seeing the tail of the pandemic, based on other virus outbreaks in history.

Dr Namita Jaggi of Artemis Hospitals in India told various media outlets that “pandemics have traditionally speaking petered out by having variants that are milder and less severe till they finally die out.”

So no, Omicron is not a cause of concern, rather we must optimistically hope that we are moving towards the end of the pandemic,” Jaggi said.

Nicanor Austriaco, a Filipino-American molecular biologist, also believes Covid may slowly be killing itself off with the milder Omicron variant.

During a Town Hall meeting, last week, he said that those infected with Omicron will have antibodies that “will protect them against Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha and D614G” variants.

“As the virus rapidly increases, it’s going to try to spread to everyone and it’s going to try to find as many of our vulnerable. It is spreading so rapidly, what you will expect it will run out the ‘food’ soon.”

And when it runs out of food, it will begin to crash, which is what you see in South Africa, the numbers are crashing.

“In London, the numbers are beginning to fall only because it spreads like wildfire, and when all the trees are burned, there’s nowhere for it to go. So it begins to crash.”

Nicanor Austriaco – molecular biologist

Path out of Omicron

The latest figures in South Africa and a number of other countries, may offer the rest of the world a way out of Omicron, argued Salim Abdool Karim, one of South Afrcia’s most important infectious-diseases scientists.

He is convinced that “every other country, or almost every other, will follow the same trajectory.” The rate of new infections has consistently dropped over the last 30 days.

Looking at the data coming out of Southern Africa and the UK, Marc van Ranst, a Belgian professor of virology at Leuven University and the Rega Institute for Medical Research. said that “the omicron variant is less pathogenic but with greater infectivity, allowing Omicron to replace Delta, this is very positive.”

“It is extremely important we need to closely monitor the clinical data of Omicron patients in South Africa and worldwide,” Van Ranst stressed.

Finally, another well-known virologist in Africa, Michelle Groome, of the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), equally told multiple news outlets that “we have surpassed the peak of infections.”

Groome cited figures from the NCID showed that new cases dropped by nearly a quarter over the past seven days, following another 14 per cent drop the previous week.

There are currently no restrictions in South Africa. Restaurants, shops, cinemas, malls, bars, coffee shops and gyms are all open, both indoors as well as outdoors.

It will be the vaccine makers and jab pushers that will have killed many, many humans, by destroying their immune systems- A mass crime against humanity!


Omicron less severe even for the unvaccinated despite lies the leadership told!

Contrary to what that nutty Joe Biden claimed

We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm. But there’s good news: If you’re vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death,”

Looks like the vaxxed are being hospitalized, getting sicker and dying more often as their immune systems are being destroyed.

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Hey penny,

Just wondering, but have you caught wind that omicron is something which has been artificially bred. Something about Scientist continuing the strand in generations of mice and than releasing it to public. Because this strand has been inactive for a long time and back in public after a year orso.

Hey thanks Kaz! I’m reading it at the moment
regarding 1-mutating where there are few labs
then number 4- it being leaked from a lab in Durban, South Africa..
this is something to consider
the omicrom variant was found in water in Nova Scotia, Canada before it was discovered in South Africa

“Last week, Professor Graham Gagnon, director of the Dalhousie University Centre for Water Resource Studies in Nova Scotia, told CBC that they found Omicron in wastewater samples from early November.

“It was surprising to us to see a viral signal in early November. Only in retrospect were we able to see that it was a variant and not the original,” he said. The cases were confirmed to be Omicron on December 13 and were linked to a Covid-19 outbreak at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.”

When I think about the virus being in the water that early in November- I’m thinking it’s more possibly linked to the use of the jab.
Or it occurred spontaneously as a survival mechanism
which means I’d personally lean more towards number 5 just selection pressure.

Hi radar:
It looks as if the US is looking for war. At Russia’s border. It will likely help Joe Biden with his falling approval ratings.

That said at the time the Clean break plan was created the real politik situation was very different.
And the Turkey that existed then, does not exist now.
The alliance with the PKK, including the US and Israel, altered that dynamic. As did the coup and attempt to kill Erdogan.

I have difficulty seeing how this will help with Joe Biden’s approval ratings ?

One misstep and its over. Because that misstep will cause the first domino to fall.

Hi Kaz
American’s tend to rally around their ‘war time’ President. Even if it’s just perceived in that light. The media helps them along.Think wag the dog. It can be all presented just right- like Covid has been and continues to be.

But you’re right one misstep and the whole scenario changes.

I mean sure wag the dog is always a thing. But When I look at america is don’t see the moral for holding such a war. People are still tired from the previous wars, their veteran’s threatment and the covid mess how is war going to positively change that ?

Hey Kaz:
America can always claim a moral for such actions- Any actions. Same as Canada’s leadership. Sad, but true. Or at least that’s how I see it.

The whole Covid situation is nearly completely immoral. And yet it’s got lots of approval. Including from the millions of test subjects who received multiple jabs with unknown consequences. The governments got away with murder in the LTC homes.
It’s entirely a disgrace. And it’s approved.

Here’s hoping the Americans won’t rally around Joe Biden if he does kick off some kind of war. Or false flag?
Canada is sending special forces to the Ukraine. Not a good sign

Its hard to put all the angles in a comprehensive short argument. But America can’t afford war with russia. A defensive skirmish against china in taiwan is one thing. But the moment Usa/Nato is engaged with Russia. It could possible the end of nato, eu. Because of the wildcard which is called turkey. Turkey has in its hands to means to destroy usa/eu/nato when that happens.

When the conflicts start it will deteriorate life quality of the eu citizen. And there is already enough animosity against eu that if it goes below a certain level of comfort that people might as well cause instability within the country/union. You could argue that the majority will rally behind their government, but there are enough people who are willing to do more against their government. In wartime a handful of dedicated operatives can do significant the country within.

In Europe another thing which is going on is as far I can tell a level of voluntary segregation of population masses. This is a luxery in peace time in wartime, those relations will be tested and cause a source of friction.

Another wildcard which can be amplified with turkey are the balkans.

This will also give opportunity for china to claim taiwan, Because if there is a moment to forcefully try to get hands on china its if nato-russia happens.

Also with the influence china has in china and military bases I wouldn’t be suppressed if they have anti-ship missles arround the red-sea. To make the path trough egypt a deadtrap. choking eu for supplies, since well China hasn’t forgotten imperialist barbarism inflicted on their own country by the europeans and british.

Another thing are the cartels in USA they will also pressure an already weakened law enforcement.

And triads in Usa/Canada

I call out all these things, because if something stupid like russia-nato happens. These are things which can all flare up.

This might seem wild speculation, and it might very well be. But knowing the capabilities things can be much worse.

Russia’s anti satellite missles. a few strategic ones and satalites all over the globe are down.

You make some really good points Kaz.

“Another thing are the cartels in USA they will also pressure an already weakened law enforcement.
And triads in Usa/Canada”

The internal factors could work against the governments.. that looked to be a factor in Kazkahstan and Canada has it’s crime cartels to be sure.
Thanks for those thoughts 🙂

I see I a few mistakes..

it should be

“This will also give opportunity for china to claim taiwan, Because if there is a moment to forcefully try to get hands on taiwan its if nato-russia happens.”

“Also with the influence china has in africa and military bases I wouldn’t be suppressed if they have anti-ship missles arround the red-sea. To make the path through Egypt a deathtrap. choking eu for supplies, since well China hasn’t forgotten imperialist barbarism inflicted on their own country by the Europeans and British.”

Dead Horse beating alert:

I have been trying to get the virus real vs virus unreal contingents to debate at Steve Kirsch’s substack. I chose Kirsch because he is the rich dude who is offering (begging) $1M to anyone to debate the team (including Malone).

No luck.

I am part of an email listing that seems to be mostly virus unreal and when I try to get to the bottom of this debate, I am told to just let it go. Others insist that it is simply 5G and no virus. Others suggest chemtrails. etc.

Maybe I should. But frankly, I cannot get past this issue, which should be the debate that kills the entire shenanigan.

This posting gives credence to the virus real side (which is my tendency, but I do not have the education and knowledge to prove it). So, I want to see these people debate for us all to see and make a determination after that.

Viruses are either real or not. If unreal, then obviously a covid virus is bogus.

Hey BMan
It would be an interesting debate for us all.

“There are no specific diseases only specific disease conditions.” — Florence Nightingale”

From the book I’m reading present time. Actually the full quote is more enlightening, but, this partial one is all I can find on line.
Ms. Nightingale believed disease originated with specific disease conditions.
This gets back to terrain theory (disease conditions) but does it exclude some sort of germ, virus, bacteria ? As an initiator ? Bred in just the right terrain? I don’t know.

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