The Coral Reef Is Alright

Who doesn’t recall the hyperventilating carbon cult claiming the coral reef was all but dead due to AGW?

Endless claims. Having nothing to do with the REAL world.

Nature World

Great Barrier Reef Spawning

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best-known and most complex natural systems on the planet, accounting for around 10% of the world’s coral reef ecosystems.

Scientists operating under the waters said they saw the occurrence. Coral releases sperm and eggs in large numbers simultaneously, late Tuesday off the coast of Cairns, Queensland, hailing it as proof that the reef can recover despite environmental concerns.

“Nothing brings people joy like new life, and coral spawning is the world’s greatest demonstration of that,” Australian marine biologist Gareth Phillips, who witnessed this year’s coral spawn firsthand, said in a statement released by Queensland Tourism and Events.

The footage will allow scientists to track this year’s coral crop and the Great Barrier Reef’s overall health, which is protected by UNESCO and escaped a World Heritage Committee “in danger” ranking this year.

Escaped an “in danger” ranking? How could that be? I guess the coral reefs are alright!

Why even the WWF tolls this coral reef climate change /death bell, so it simply must be true? Right?

WWF = Caveat Emptor

Information being the commodity- your consumption of it fulfills the role of the purchaser

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