Lockdowns Instituted by Governments Killed People- Resulting in Excess Death and Harm

Delayed health care during pandemic led to thousands of excess deaths: study

The virus didn’t kill these people. Government negligence did.
Don’t argue ‘they did what they had to do” That’s completely nonsensical. Because it hinges on it’s okay to kill people, destroy people/society to maybe save a few. And that’s an absurdity.
The actions resulted in an untold number of deaths-

This reality was written about by myself and many others back in 2020. It was knowable. It was obvious. And governments acted in a manner completely inappropriate and totally unnecessary. And they killed more people, many more then the virus would or could have. Particularly when one thinks about the way many governments handled the LTC/nursing home situation.

Health-care restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic may have contributed to thousands of excess deaths not related to the virus, along with increased incidents of mental health disorders and substance use, and have put a strain on the Canadian health-care system, according to a study commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

The study shows that delayed treatments or missed health-care services due to pandemic restrictions may have been a factor in more than 4,000 excess deaths unrelated to COVID-19 infections between August and December 2020 and have also resulted in a significant backlog of medical procedures.

Among the delayed procedures highlighted by the study was a reduction in cancer screenings in Ontario, some of which were paused early in the pandemic and apparently remained at 20 to 35 per cent below pre-pandemic levels at the beginning of this year.

Nearly 17 opioid-related deaths occurred per day across Canada in 2020, the study claims, which was a rise of 70 per cent from the previous year. The rate increased to nearly 20 deaths per day in the first three months of 2021.

Regarding mental health, roughly 20 per cent of Canadians reported high levels of anxiety at the onset of the pandemic in April 2020, the study says, and by June 2021 that number had increased to 24 per cent. In the same period, the number of Canadians reporting high levels of depression increased from 10 to 15 per cent.

“It’s really concerning the increase in mental health problems across the country – it’s in children, youth, adults and we know that it’s increasing and our system is very under-resourced to address mental health concerns,” Smart said. “We’re seeing up to 20 deaths a day for opioids and other substance overdoses so this system really needs swift assessment.”

The study estimated the backlog of eight procedures, including CT scans, MRI scans, knee replacement surgeries and cataract surgeries, which totalled 327,800 waiting to be performed across the country. It says the days lost to perform these procedures ranged from 46 days for breast cancer surgeries to 118 days for hip replacement surgeries.

The study also calculated the cost to return wait times for these procedures to pre-pandemic levels would be $1.3 billion in additional funding to the health-care system.

“We’re estimating 1.3 billion dollars to bring that backlog back on track, and that’s just for the six procedures that we looked at,” Smart said. “So it’s going to need significant investment from all levels of government to ensure Canadians get the care they need. What’s been really clear is that system isn’t working right now and is under incredible strain.”

Doctors and patients throughout the year have been warning about the perils of delayed cancer diagnoses due to limited access to health-care services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further research from Statistics Canada earlier this year showed the number of drug overdoses and alcohol-related deaths among Canadians under the age of 65 was on the rise as a result of extended lockdowns and isolation during the pandemic.

Studies have also shown the pandemic has led to a stark rise in anxiety and depression, especially among youth, across the globe.

The vaccine death count is yet to be known. It will be high.

Lockdowns Led To Excessive Deaths

There are a bunch of these kind of reports at my former site as well.

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“We’re estimating 1.3 billion dollars to bring that backlog back on track, and that’s just for the six procedures that we looked at,” Smart said.

Off course its about the money. Its always about the money.

Maybe I am beyond being a sceptic but….

Kinda ironic.

If the Health industry wants to keep existing or increase their margins it needs to promote unhealthy food in a roundabout way or allow processing with chemicals which will cause incremental damage over time. They need this because their own existence depends on the health of the population.

The healthier the community, the more robust their health the fewer patients they get and thus cuts from the budget.

The more unhealthy the community, thus the more fragile the health more patients its generates and can pressure the government to increase the budget to keep up. If the government does not go along the waiting lines increase etcetera. decreases their changes at re-election.

Like I have seen in TV-show “The Wire” Everybody gets what they want behind some make-belief.

Honestly…. All of this is just stupid

Hi Kaz:
I wouldn’t say it’s all stupid. The fact of the matter, for me, is the government acknowledged their actions caused a great deal of harm- In fact it’s a harm so great it can never be corrected and will only result in more deaths- not from a virus, but from government actions taken based on the so called “science”. But these actions had nothing to do with science. They were political and they were done to profit big pharma.

I get what you are pointing out. I was more in the zone of the reality of the situation itself.

Institutions want money.
politicians want to cover their bases.
bureaucrats want all of the power and none of the responsibility.

The Question I have is how much of this is all because of the whims of the politicians. Because I have watched “Yes minister” and I convinced that way governments are run are in that fashion in general.

Which would mean that the politicians are just toys for the bureaucrats, but have to carry none of the responsibility

[Always good to read words from thee, Buelahman! Your collaborations with DCDave worth keeping! Thanks for sticking around through thick and thin.]

I wonder if the “attack dogs” get tired, too. Or abandon ship. Or switch sides. In the US, I know, high-level bureaucratic resignations — not sudden and unexpected deaths — get some press, at least in the so-called “alt-media”.

Some of the “evil” variety — like Gates, Jr., Fauci — are lifers. Do or die. Or “disappear”, one way or the other, to join Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell where they toast each other today and each day for missions well accomplished.

Hi Alan;
Do or Die or Disappear.
I like it. Testimony at GM’s trial is certainly disgusting thus far..
It’s interesting how quiet the masses stay as the elites exploit.
Every thing. Every one.

I would bet my life that the GM “on trial” is a “body double”. And I know in my heart of hearts Epstein is free and enjoying his rewards “elsewhere” than in a grave.

Think Tim McVeigh.

Hi Alan
My opinion as well is that Epstein is alive and free.
Can’t prove it, but, that’s what I think is the reality. The man had the means, the money and the connections to ‘get out of jail’ not free, but, freely

Pfizer’s safety database contains cases of AEs reported spontaneously to Pfizer, cases
reported by the health authorities, cases published in the medical literature, cases from
Pfizer-sponsored marketing programs, non-interventional studies, and cases of serious AEs
reported from clinical studies regardless of causality assessment.

Hi Brian: I’ve taken some time to look through it and the list of Adverse Events is pages and pages long, alphabetized.

Yet, Pfizer concludes the vaxx is safe (which should be unsurprising to anyone at all)

And I do notice that report takes in about ten weeks of data
From EUA to end of February 2021. That’s not much at all.
And yet so many adverse reactions in that little bit of time?

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