Vaccine Induced Disease

Breakthrough infections Raise Health/ Death risk; Vaccine Passport USELESS…

Looking back at last week’s report (above)

People who never had COVID-19, ( the vaccinated with no natural immunity) those who had breakthrough infections had a 53% higher risk of death and a 59% higher risk of having at least one new medical condition.

Even when breakthrough infections did not require hospitalization, the increased risks of death and lasting effects were “not trivial,” the research team reported on Monday on Research Square ahead of peer review. “The overall burden of death and disease following breakthrough COVID-19 will likely be substantial,” the researchers conclude.

According to the latest research:

The vaccine made you unhealthier! Again, antibody dependent enhancement??? As has been asked on multiple occasions- When, oh when are we going to talk about this reality.

We’re going to talk a bit more about this latest study- Which will be included in my upcoming report.

However… let’s go back to the very last report at my former place of on line residence. The report that possibly, quite possibly, played a role in the take down of my site.

August 17/2021:

If that’s not easily readable let me cut and paste what was included in that report, including my observation at that time.

Thinking about the money to be made from ‘effective treatments’  to treat persons afflicted via the virus itself or from the vaccine which contains “spike protein” – When one considers how many billions of vaccines have been deployed (war against humanity) if the vaccine induces “long covid” then there is plenty of profit potential.

So far 62% of them have evidence of clotting, which means that these blood clots are not rare. It means that the majority of people are getting blood clots that they have no idea that they’re even having,” he said.

Six of Hoffe’s patients have reduced effort tolerance, meaning they can’t work or play as hard as they once were able.

Sounds very similar to the “long covid”. Vaccines can cause this to occur in many more victims..

Let’s repeat my observation again

Sounds very similar to the “long covid”. Vaccines can cause this to occur in many more victims..

That’s exactly what is occurring. As mentioned last week. And in August of this year at my google blog. I’m going to post the research tomorrow. Stay tuned dear readers, stay tuned.

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