The Real Anthony Fauci with Robert Kennedy Jr

Via Corbett Report

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Hi Penny:
I can only tell you what I do.

I have to first download the video to my desktop, and then in the blog-build settings choose the option to upload.

I don’t know what browser you use, but Firefox allows add-ons, such as video downloaders. “Video DownloadHelper” is what I use on video sites like “Rumble”, etc.

Then you find the uploader feature in WordPress (under “media”?) and it should allow you to upload the vid from your desktop.

Hope this helps a bit.

Hey Yaya
I’ve no problem embedding a video from youtube, but, corbett’s not there any more. When I have more time I’m going to take your suggestion

I just looked at what I wrote above, confusing Rumble with Bitchute. Either would be okay. In fact, if you have Video Download Helper installed, you can download from just about anyplace, and you can often adjust the size of the file as well.

Paint me forever cynical, but Kennedy’s book is now at #1, and there is not a concerted effort to bring it down to 1 star. I wonder if the book dead-ends at Faucci and the nebulous “big pharma.”

Hey WaffleStaffel

I like cynicism so that’s okay! He talks about how books get their #1 in the interview and from the contents of the interview I don’t think his book dead ends in that manner, but, would have to read the book before judging- At some point in time I’ll try to get a hold of a copy..

Remember though, FIRST they ignore it, then attack it (if they are smart). Puppy-torturer Fauci is falling at least slightly into disrepute, so it’s probably best that they do not draw undue attention to it.

I’ve only read a tiny bit (the pdf is over 800 pages). He had input from some of the “usual suspects” like Malone and Yeadon, among others (listed in the beginning with their credentials). Some interesting statistics regarding wealth transfer (eg new billionaires and the newly impoverished, businesses destroyed), the explosion of the very problems Fauci was tasked with preventing 5 years after his appointment, etc. One blurb was from a former FBI agent who mentioned that it reminded him of his time fighting organized crime in NYC.

Interesting thus far, but I (reasonably) withold final judgement. Always waiting for that other shoe to drop. But so that others can judge for themselves:



That’s a great site for many other books as well. Always check there right after when looking for something. This was up there at least one day after it was released.

On a somewhat related note, you (Penny) mentioned reading The Culture Of Narcissism a while back on goodreads, and I was wondering what the skinny was on that site (incidently, that book too is on 1lib).

I read the book, purchased a physical copy of it though. (Likely just linked to good reads for a visual and brief excerpt.)
Finished it a bit ago and passed it on to my sister to enjoy.
It’s a bit of a slog at first but once you get going it’s smooth sailing.
I’d recommend it. It offers good insights into our present day cultural malaise.
Though the intro Trump bashing is pointless- Sure he’s narcissistic, but, we have Trudeau in Canada and he’s equally superficial and narcissistic as well.
Assuming the bit on Trump was included as an appeal to self identifying leftists and almost as a bit of a misdirection. (unintended, IMO)
It’s best ignored. Because everyone equally without political party adherence needs to grasp the issue as a problem with all of society

Should be clearer just in case. My above comment refers to the narcissism book.

Right now I’m working on the book about Antoine Bechamp and Pasteur the plagierizer- it’s very good so far
It is over at internet archive as well though, again, I purchased a copy.

dan quixote_ going to check out those links and thank you.! Hope others do as well!

PS: Most people say we have way to many books.
guilty- hubby and I both like books and we’re both readers

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