Vaccine Induced Disease Pt 2

So, hopefully you read here Vaccine Induced Disease
embedded within were links back to two previous reports

Let’s look a little deeper at the study stating that exposure to the virus in the wild after the covid toxic shot is leading to worse outcomes. This is old news to anyone who read at my google site. As each day goes by, personally speaking, I’m feeling more vindicated for warning about this very real, very likely, outcome.

Via the Hospitalist

Same article repeating what was reported here last week.

those who had breakthrough infections had a 53% higher risk of death and a 59% higher risk of having at least one new medical condition, particularly problems affecting the lungs and other organs.

Even when breakthrough infections did not require hospitalization, the increased risks of death and lasting effects were “not trivial,” the research team reported in a paper posted on Research Square ahead of peer review.

Here is the study @ researchsquare

Their labeling the vaccine induced disorder as ‘long covid’ is a distraction from the fact that it is the vaccine that induces this condition.

We show that compared to people with no evidence of COVID-19, beyond the first 30 days of illness, people with breakthrough COVID-19 (vaxxed) exhibit a higher risk of death and broad array of incident post-acute sequelae in the pulmonary system, as well as extrapulmonary sequelae that include cardiovascular disorders, coagulation disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, general disorders (e.g., fatigue), kidney disorders, mental health disorders, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and neurologic disorders. Our analyses by care setting of the acute phase of the disease show that people who were not hospitalized during the first 30 days after diagnosis with breakthrough COVID-19 exhibit a small but not insignificant increase in risk of death and post-acute sequelae; the risks are further increased in people who were hospitalized during the acute phase of the disease.

Keep that in mind as deaths from covid increase this winter. It will be the vaccinated dying. Make no mistake about this. Even though they will be called not fully vaccinated because they haven’t received the booster- these will be the double jabbed suffering and dying from their exposure in the wild to the coronavirus (if they did not have a previous infection which they recovered from)

Some of you may or may not recall that claims of long covid after infection with the virus were highly inflated. (From my google blog)
However breakthrough infection, after vaxx failure, seems to be inducing long covid symptoms in those afflicted. Which was pretty much the content of my last google blog post (Prior to immediate shutdown by google)

Including in the comments below

PennyAugust 18, 2021 at 8:39 AM

Hey Kaz:

yes I was familiar with the role aspirin played in the deaths as spanish flu circulated. Another commenter shared that information, it was a surprise to myself.

What do you think about the possibility the vaccines are creating a type of long covid?
It seems entirely plausible.

AnonymousAugust 18, 2021 at 9:19 AM

I have one better,

A relative of mine, who actually acquired natural immunity still went ahead and got both doses of the vaccine(pfizer).(Freedom of movement / Perhaps too much trust in the system) After the second dose he developed a cough which persisted until the last time I saw him due to vacation. which is around 6 weeks time(had an activity with that guy where I met him every week) To his own words it seemed the coughing got less every week. But I don’t know if its over by now, I will learn it soon after the vacation perhaps.

Anyway I think this fits the definition of long Covid. He also re-laid to me that he knew another few colleges having the exact thing happen to them.

to your question I think its a yes and no. Besides the blood wall mutilation which the participants of the experimental dose willingly or unwillingly participated. When it comes to long-covid its either the body trying to deal with what I describe above.

Or the cause is is that the dose bypassing the natural-defense(longs and its immunity system) by letting it directly end up in the blood-stream and thus the covid-used-proteins are causing it at which points its a matter of your genetics, nutrition, body-condition(health) and life-style.

So yeah its also plausible in my books.

– Kaz

It certainly appeared, back in August 2021 of this year, based on the research described by the doctors featured in that Youtube video (embedded again in yesterday’s report) the vaccines were inducing a form of long covid.

Perhaps the featuring of this information is the answer to why my google shut the blog down?

Let’s check this link out as well

Consistent Pattern of Paradoxical Failure: Lancet Regional Health Europe 2021 Dec

The Gibraltar Paradox: More vaccinations = more infection

The Ireland Paradox: More vaccinations = more infection

You may recall I covered those paradoxical situation previously? Hit the covid tag and go back- you’ll find them

Let’s also recall that June 15/2021 ( previous blog) it was clearly stated by this citizen journalist researcher that this leaky ADE , antibody dependent enhancing, vaccine was a business model. It was the business model for big pharma (among other benefits to the elite classes, of course!)

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…”

It’s as simple as paying attention to reality.

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A point I think people are missing. Is that there is no sun. Not enough UV to kill the virus in the open the air.

So all these lockdowns, (un)social distancing and masking, to my own conclusions won’t help stop the spread. If you air it out from your house hypothetically speaking, what guarantee do you have that breeze wont carry the load to a different house or someone on the street.

They are way to eager to dismiss the airborne part of the virus. that its only transmissible if its closer than a certain meters ._. I mean sure it might stay lower than a certain threshold, but stopping it enough so it is harmless. I doubt it.

that’s always an issue with seasonal viruses and this is a seasonal virus.
We would have been better off to be out and about in the sun… more virus kill off.

I don’t know much about the airborne aspect of this. As in how long is it airborne for before it ‘hits the ground’ Or simply dissipates?

Doing some quick reading airborne disease is pretty uncommon.

It’s more likely covid spreads via droplets then just being airborne

“Few diseases are predominantly airborne. Most diseases that spread through the air are also contagious through larger respiratory droplet transmission. This type of infection occurs when people are within 6 feet of each other. ”

I stand behind what I say, cases are low in the summer because the sun kills the virus in the aerosols. but in the the winter. When the UV is insignificant. What is there to destroy the virus particles.

Not alot as far as I know. So it will spread no matter what people will do. Because if you can smell stuff when wearing a mask. Be hell sure that those particles will spread. This is why in my opinion the cases explode every winter.

And we have only just begon.

I do have an update on that guy in the meanwhile.

The coughing is gone and from the research I know. Because he has natural immunity before the vaccine’s. That group doesn’t seem to suffer from the antibody drop. But now we have the 3rd shots coming soon. So I wonder what will happen after that ._.

Besides that, I wonder if his body was able to fight it off completely, or if it did damage which will only be observable later.

thanks Kaz.

Airborne or not the vaccines look to be causing a big problem when viral exposure in the wild occurs..

“But now we have the 3rd shots coming soon. So I wonder what will happen after that ._. ”

This issue is getting to be really concerning. I didn’t have the vaxx, but, what about those that did?
Including people I know.

I can relate a story told me by the manager at a local floor store. His wife got covid last fall and has had “long covid” ever since. She never got the jab (nor has he). The Doctors tell her (and him) that getting the jab may cause her situation to worsen. His getting it could shed proteins and cause her more horror (and possible death).

These people are wonderful. Some of the nicest I know. They have struggled terribly with whatever the sickness is. He is adamant against getting the jabs. Thank goodness.

A guy that laid floor for this company did work for me last summer. We discussed the jab (and covid). He had a Masters’ in nursing, but made more money and enjoyed himself laying tile (and was the very best around here).

He told me unequivocally that he would NEVER take the jab.

However, a few months later, his Doctor told him that his elderly mother would be better protected if he DID get it.

He relented. Within a few days he was dead.

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