Breakthrough infections Raise Health/ Death risk; Vaccine Passport USELESS….

to curb virus spread. But great for tracking your movements, your company and your spending etc., Technocratic’s that obvious- See what is in front of you. See what is around you. It’s apparent. It’s blatant. It’s ‘hidden’ in plain sight.


The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19.

*Breakthrough COVID-19 raises risk of health problems, death

People who never had COVID-19, ( the vaccinated with no natural immunity) those who had breakthrough infections had a 53% higher risk of death and a 59% higher risk of having at least one new medical condition.

Even when breakthrough infections did not require hospitalization, the increased risks of death and lasting effects were “not trivial,” the research team reported on Monday on Research Square ahead of peer review. “The overall burden of death and disease following breakthrough COVID-19 will likely be substantial,” the researchers conclude.

The vaccine made you unhealthier! Again, antibody dependent enhancement??? As has been asked on multiple occasions- When, oh when are we going to talk about this reality.

*Vaccine passports would (do) allow infections to be missed

“Vaccine passports” that exempt vaccinated people from regular COVID-19 testing would allow many infections to be missed, Israeli data suggest.

“Surprisingly,” in August 2021, the rate of positive tests among vaccinated travelers was more than double the rate among the unvaccinated, said Retsef Levi of the MIT Sloan School of Management,.

Double the covid positives among the vaccinated. Not surprising when one considers the reality of the “vaccine”. Not the lie. The spin or the perception managment- THE REALITY.

This was the obvious outcome. Trying to think how long ago I’d written about this?? At my former site, many months ago for certain and then followed up right here more then once.
Let’s refresh our collective memories

June 15/21 at my old digs, reposted anew here

The real reason the vass passports will help spread covid ?

The vaxx passports will assist in the spread of covid for the simple reason that people have been sold a lie. People have been told the shot was the panacea. The end to the pandemic. And it hasn’t lived up to it’s sales pitch.. The result will be increased illness or perception of illness, reinforced by the bogus testing regime.

Fear will grow exponentially and the totalitarian state will thrive on it. Vaxx passports are exactly what the technocratic totalitarian state desires. Which is why they should be resoundingly rejected!

*Masks, social distancing still worthwhile?

More bogus studies supporting this nonsense and it’s admitted. Pay attention to what’s written

Very few of the studies analyzed were randomized trials, so they cannot prove the interventions directly reduced infection rates. Still, the researchers conclude, “It is likely that further control of the COVID-19 pandemic depends not only on high vaccination coverage and its effectiveness but also on ongoing adherence to effective and sustainable public health measures.”

It cannot be proven these interventions directly reduce infection rates, but, that claim will be made! The lying just never stops. This ends when we end it! It continues because we allow it.

Looking mighty accurate– hattip to commenter at off guardian

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Have difficulty finding the source, so I can’t tell you. normally “right mouse button and save image as” should do the trick

Thanks Kaz
I’d done it as a screen shot but went back at got it as copy image
and pasted it here.

Going by these studies the vaccine is making all things worse- and once they start jabbing the children it’s going to get more horrid

You Welcome,

I want to say I am dumbfounded, but I can’t.
And I am also not sure if I can brush this away as fear at this point either.

I have difficulty in putting my position into words. Because in someway I think I understand but on the other hand I don’t.

The closest I am at right now is that we are in a time of Irresponsible Hypocrites.

There is also this thing going on with trying to understand
and spending time and effort with this whole Rona

I would not necesseraly argue it is a construct without
significance or merit: no point.

A more highbrow -meta, haha- POV could be the
following: neoliberalism as an ideology is tired, worn out
and lifeless. Democracy is that one actual white privilege
which has been deconstructed to resemble a false idol.

But: neoliberalism as a method needs to steal, grift
and cheat, loot & pillage.
It needs a thing to latch on to.
Enter the invisible enemy, enter medical technology,
enter death by a 1000 cuts
(NGO’s, institutions, policy, taxation).

For your health. So you can be who you are or
want to be and enjoy the gift of life and its promise.
With certain conditions ofcourse, quid pro quo & all that.
They care, they share of our bounty, they mean well,
so do not denyand shout down the nay-sayers.*

*…. =)

neoliberalism as an ideology is tired, worn out

neoliberalism as a method needs to steal, grift
and cheat, loot & pillage.

yes and yes.. that’s why we are here, now, in time and place because this neoliberal plundering of the masses is failing and the leeches(elites) will die without the hosts they feed on (the masses)

Their covid strategy is their hope to stay alive- let’s hope it fails. Let’s help it fail

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