Wither the Vaccine Passport. It’s Claimed Purpose For Being Has Ended

From earlier today

CDC Tracks A Fraction of Covid Breakthrough Cases

As the breakthrough cases continue to increase.

In Los Angeles, Breakthrough Infections Are Now 30% Of All New Covid Cases

“While continuing to profess the effectiveness of vaccines, Ferrer noted that the percentages of fully-vaccinated Angelenos being infected and hospitalized have also been rising over the past three months.”

The vaccine passport has no real purpose other then to kick off the digital ID. Cradle to grave tracking. Of YOU.

On August 09/21 the report below was published at the now defunct blog…

 However, it’s real purpose is obvious to those with eyes to see and brains to think for themselves.

  • Vaccine Passport = ID2020 KickOff! – there was a link back to another prior report. However.. I’ll give you this link now. ID2020
It’s been claimed, repeatedly, that once you get the vaccine the pandemic will end, and you’ll go back to your old life.  That was always a big lie. THE BIG LIE. As discussed previously 
Since the vaccines were never able to nor demonstrated as capable of reducing or impeding transmission. There was no way for them to end the pandemic. Though they are fostering the creation of new variants.
Naked Capitalism

It looks as if conventional wisdom on the Covid vaccines has run head first into some ugly realities. Eric Topol, formerly a “Get vaccinated, problem solved” cheerleader, grapples out loud with troubling data about Covid deaths and breakthrough cases with a serious journalist, David Wallace-Wells of New York Magazine. The short version is that both measures are much worse than expected and the trajectory bodes ill.

We’ll go through many of the bad trends Topol and Wallace-Wells identify, including one we hadn’t wanted to believe when IM Doc started telling us of it privately via e-mail weeks ago, and presented in comments yesterday: that his breakthrough cases have been typically sicker than those among the unvaccinated. Topol is seeing the same thing and his population isn’t from IM Doc’s part of the world.

 Breakthrough cases sicker! We’ve talked this talk here previously as well Antibody Dependent Enhancement Or because they were fully vaccinated? Again: Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It’s real.  And it’s most probably happening

“Specifically, it was the vaccines that targeted the N (nucleoprotein) antigen of the coronavirus that had ADE problems, while the ones that targeted the S (Spike) protein did not. Update: this isn’t accurate. There was trouble after immunization with a nucleoprotein-directed vaccine, but ADE could also be seen with some of the Spike-directed vaccine candidates as well – see reviews here, here, and here

Here  One potential hurdle for antibody-based vaccines and therapeutics is the risk of exacerbating COVID-19 severity via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE can increase the severity of multiple viral infections”

Back to Naked Capitalism 

Lower reduction in mortality than expected. Wallace-Wells starts with the expected Covid vaccine death reduction of 90% or at least, per another expert, 75%. That means Covid fatalities should be 25% or lower relative to last year…which is not where we are. Instead, from Wallace-Wells:

“But at the national level, at least for the moment, the reduction of mortality risk seems to be considerably smaller. In the worst of the winter surge, the country was registering 250,000 new cases per day; at its peak, that surge was killing roughly 3,000 Americans each day (often a bit above, but with a few dips below). Today, we have a bit more than 100,000 new cases each day, though the numbers are still rising as part of the Delta wave. If we had reduced mortality risk by 75 percent, that would mean about 300 daily deaths. If we had reduced it by 90 percent, it would mean 120. Instead, in our seven-day average, we just passed 500.

Things may be even worse than that, though. In general, epidemiologists expect a lag of a week or two, perhaps more, between case peaks and death peaks… comparing case data from even one week ago with today’s death data reveals an even grimmer picture: about 75,000 cases per day then yielding the current average of 500 deaths, suggesting the mortality rate had fallen by less than half since winter. If you work from two-week-old data, it suggests that the mortality rate had hardly fallen at all. Applying the winter ratio to the case load from July 24 would predict an average of 600 daily deaths. On Friday, there were 763.”

And Topol:

“Just looking at the U.K. and Israel, which had been our guideposts, I thought we would keep the hospitalizations pretty darn low — maybe a fourth of where we’d been in prior waves. And deaths 10 percent of prior waves. But we’re not doing that at all. If you look at the log charts of the U.S. and the U.K, you’re starting to see some real separation for death. It’s certainly going in the wrong direction, and it had been tracking incredibly closely, until recently.

Weaker effectiveness of vaccines. The bold is Wallace-Wells, per the original, and Topol, in regular type, in response:

What I just can’t understand is why all three things are all moving up together so rapidly. Given everything we’ve seen in other countries and everything we think we know about the vaccines, even if cases rose dramatically, we’d expect much lower rates of hospitalization and death. But we’re not.”

Severity of breakthrough cases From Topol:

What I’m hearing — and I’ve been helping with a bunch of patients — is that people who are breaking through are getting very sick. They’re getting Regeneron antibodies.

There may be something to this waning immunity story. It’s fuzzy, but the people who are getting hit are more apt to be people who were vaccinated very early. I had a patient in recent days, who’s in her 70s. She got vaccinated in January. And, I mean, she almost died. I mean, it’s just terrible. I think — I hope — the monoclonals are going to save her life. But she was a healthy 70-year-old lady, and just following her case was illuminating — she thought she was protected, but she also wore masks everywhere. She was on guard and still got infected and desperately ill.

The boosters might not work. OMG, Topol dares to say it!

This booster thing is yet another issue, because we don’t even know if they’re going to protect against a Delta. I mean, everybody’s assuming it, but there’s no data. You know, there’s some neutralizing antibodies from the Pfizer report in 23 people and there’s an Israeli pre-print, it says there’s waning immunity without any neutralizing antibodies. So we’ll see. But these are just classic spike-protein boosters. There’s nothing special about them to handle Delta. So I don’t know. I mean, I suspect they’re going to provide some protection, but I’m not sure I’m so confident it’s going to be great.

 Read the rest at naked capitalism where the originating link to this report is included. 

Many of us anticipated the possibility of ADE’s. It certainly appears this is what is occurring.

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Hi Penny,

I’m reading the comments at Naked Capitalism right now. Some go off track trying to explain the problem by which shots were given, how they were spaced, whether they were mix & matched and so on. This whole thing goes to show you what folly (I’m being kind because I think it was likely done with malice aforethought) it is to inflict a new tech, poorly tested injection so quickly on nearly an entire population. This shot in the dark could be a total dud or worse yet (as I personally suspect) harmful or even (heaven forbid) a killer.

There’s an interesting little glitch with your new site. When my curser hovers over a blue link, the link blinks out … just goes poof, can’t see it. However, clicking on the now invisible link still takes me to the desired site so it’s not a big deal. Wonder if anyone else is seeing, or not seeing, as I am. It could just be our old computer being quirky, as usual.

Hi M.R. WordPress is quite different then blogger, so, hopefully I’ll get some of this sorted out, but.. I’m just not as savvy as I’d like to be.
Thanks for coming by.

It’s just the color scheme, the test turns from blue to white, but the background is off white, so if you squint you can see it.

I’m not computer savvy at all so never you mind. You’re back in business so that’s the main thing. BTW I drop by everyday. Love your science-based approach. I’m quite opinionated but even so I do have a lot of curiosity which leads me down a lot of avenues and the inevitable blind alleys in my search for truth.

I’m glad to know you’re dropping by here. “Love your science based approach”
thanks so much.
Ya know M.R. I’m still shocked that the old blog was taken away in such a manner, but, the support from readers like yourself and other bloggers has been outstanding. I’ve appreciated it all far more then any of you will ever really know.
You’re all the best of the best. And I mean it!

Hey flammen!
It’s not looking promising at all that the blog will be returned to the public eye.
For now I can access it myself, but, that’s it.
Fortunately I saved all my work…
thanks for coming by 🙂

Hey AP! didn’t realize it was you!

I still don’t know why the blog was taken down- I had it since 08. There were more then 6000 posts there.
I disputed, but, have had no response. It’ll be a week tomorrow and nadda.
If you’ve got a link to my old place can you change it to this new one?
A good chunk of the readership has found me, but, I know not everyone has.

Penny, don’t give up! Way back in the day my After Armageddon blog, which was bequeathed to me from another blogger and started circa 2005 or something, was put in booger jail. I kept renewing my request to review it. It took a couple of months and eventually they relented. Of course not a proper response from anyone there the whole time, but if you keep pestering them, chances are good they will let go of the rope.
I don’t have a blogroll up but I will for sure do a short post pointing over to you!!

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