Researches say Co2 on the Moon Used to Grow Plants & Make Oxygen to support life!

Oh wait according to the life hating (anti carbon) death cult that has uncritically accepted their mass indoctrination. For research dollars. The death cult preaches it’s bizarre gospel through the media claiming carbon is a “poisonous gas” Or if you actually believe those nonsensical ‘fact checkers’ whose sole reason for existing is to spin.. the bought and paid for rantings of “climate scientists” Such as Myrna Simpson.

‘Myrna Simpson, a professor of environmental chemistry at the University of Toronto, said the fact that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are “beyond natural levels,” and that these “increases in concentrations are fundamentally altering climate patterns” justifies calling CO2 a pollutant.”

Myrna, I don’t believe what your claiming. You’re misrepresenting reality to the masses. As you will read. So check this out– that carbon “pollution” is going to be required to support all life on the moon. Odd isn’t it?

Researchers Say CO2 “Traps” On Moon Could Be Used to Grow Plants

Just like here on earth.. The carbon cycle. Carbon based life forms. Trees Getting Their Mass from Carbon

The mass of a tree is primarily carbon. The carbon comes from carbon dioxide used during photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants convert the sun’s energy into chemical energy which is captured within the bonds of carbon molecules built from atmospheric carbon dioxide and water. Yes, the carbon from carbon dioxide in the air we breathe out ends up in “food” molecules (called glucose) each of which contains 6 carbon atoms (and 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms).

But let’s look at the plans for the moon and Frozen Pockets of dioxide for lunar greenhouses..

Researchers have discovered that the Moon might have frozen pockets of carbon dioxide — and say they could be used to create lunar greenhouses.

A team of scientists identified the CO2 “cold traps” in a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letter. This is a phenomenon that occurs when gasses like carbon dioxide collect and remain in pockets due to frigid temperatures, lack of atmosphere, and lack of sunlight, according to Salon — a development that could chart the course for a long term human presence, or possibly even agriculture, on Earth’s natural satellite.

“I think when I started this, the question was, ‘Can we confidently say there are carbon dioxide cold traps on the Moon or not?’” Norbert Schörghofer, planetary scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and lead author of the study, said in a press release. “My surprise was that they’re actually, definitely there.” 

Lunar Greenhouses

As NASA prepares to launch the Artemis project to return humans to the Moon, the existence of carbon dioxide cold traps could present — shall we say — a fruitful opportunity.

For one, carbon dioxide could be used as fuel, which means less resources spent launching supplies to future lunar outposts. The gas could be converted into oxygen for astronauts to breathe, too. Carbon dioxide can also be used in greenhouses, which need the gas for plants to grow. 

All this means that areas near these cold traps will likely be highly desirable targets for colonization efforts. 

“These should be high-priority sites to target for future landed missions,” Paul Hayne, a planetary scientist at the University of Colorado who was not a part of the study, said in the release. “This sort of pinpoints where you might go on the lunar surface to answer some of these big questions about volatiles on the Moon and their delivery from elsewhere in the solar system.” 

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It’s funny how this research disproves the anti-carbon people, because setting up greenhouses on the moon is a laughably absurd proposition, and the research nearly useless at proving anything else.
Like the article mentions, most people don’t realize that the mass of the trees are composed almost entirely of carbon. Fertilizer is really just a catalyst, it’s CO2 from the air where the bulk of the mass comes from.

Yes, it is CO2 from the air that feeds all plant life.
Which is why we emit it.
It’s our place in the life on earth (or at least one role for us)

I don’t think their will be greenhouses on the moon. But in theory with the carbon available there could be. Because here in earth Co2 is regularly ‘piped’ into greenhouses to increase crop production (flowers and food)
People are way to gullible for their own good.

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