Ontario, Toss the Vaxx Pass

It’s just institutionalized discrimination, anyway.

Toronto Sun

COVID vaccine passports have major flaws and Ontario’s government has better options available. That’s why think tank Cardus has sent  Premier Ford an open letter , calling for him to immediately replace vaccine passports with effective, evidence-based policy.

“When you declared in mid-July that you would not tolerate the ‘split society’ of vaccine passports, Ontario was coping relatively well with the pandemic,” we write in our open letter. “Daily cases and test positivity were low, as were hospitalization, including ICU occupancy. What emergency has arisen since that time to necessitate action as drastic as your proof-of-vaccination plan?”

Due to the fact we’d already reached social immunity- au naturel

COVID cases in Ontario have not reached 1,000, while fourth-wave ICU occupancy is only at 17%of the third-wave peak.

Meanwhile, there are several problems with vaccine passports.

They disproportionately affect certain groups, especially Black and low-income communities where vaccination rates are lowest. These fellow citizens are the most likely to end up barred from restaurants, events or other places – unless, of course, they’re staff and don’t need to show proof-of-vaccination to work. But that has a perverse effect.

“Proof-of-vaccination requirements mean that restaurants, indoor recreation facilities, cultural venues, and many other locations will be available to the vast majority of white or affluent Ontarians, while racialized people, the poor, and recent immigrants will be disproportionately excluded — other than to cook, serve and clean,” our letter notes.

Is this not deeply discriminatory?

The vaxx passport also discriminates against those who choose to not take a very sketchy jab- Those who are skeptical for very good reasons. Many of them white.

Vaccine passports also erode public trust. Vaccines are highly protective, so why must we keep the unvaccinated away from the vaccinated?

I’ve asked that question oh so many times…

If allowing the unvaccinated to dine in a restaurant or attend a concert is risky, how can it be safe for them to serve customers in these same establishments? If the policy will be in place temporarily, where is the exit plan, and why is the government investing in a permanent digital application?

Ontario’s government has offered no answers, undermining trust in political leaders and, worse yet, possibly in vaccines.

Passports create privacy problems too. They’ll necessarily need data to operate, and once data exists it can be exposed or misused. How secure will that data be? Quebec’s passport system was  hacked  and a  private vaccine-passport app exposed  the personal information of hundreds of thousands of users.

What’s more, Ontario’s COVID Science Advisory Table admits there’s no direct evidence vaccine passports affect  viral transmission . They also don’t seem to help vaccination rates. Ontario went from an average of almost 42,000 daily vaccine doses in August to less than 33,000 daily after the passport announcement.

I’ve talked about the solution below previously

The province should double down on using rapid COVID tests, which help to establish whether someone is infection-free and can reduce overall transmission.

Remember this previous post?

At Home Antigen Testing Could Break the Chain of Transmission

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