Shame, Alberta- Spinning Child’s Cancer Death for Pandemic Fear Mongering

And the family takes them to task!- CBC

Nine months after being diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumour and two days after his family says he tested positive for COVID-19, Nathanael Spitzer of Ponoka, Alta., died in hospital.

When Dr. Deena Hinshaw told Albertans earlier this week that the 14-year-old had died of COVID-19, the province’s chief medical officer of health triggered a wave of controversy over how coronavirus deaths are reported.

Hinshaw told a news conference on Tuesday that the boy had complex, pre-existing medical conditions that contributed to his death. Her comments renewed a debate surrounding Alberta’s practice of reporting on comorbidities.

The boy’s family publicly called on Hinshaw to retract her statement, suggesting that Nathanael had died of cancer, not COVID-19. 

I’m quite sure the family knew their child/son/brother died of cancer. And understandably they were shocked, disgusted and further hurt by this manipulative presentation

‘We just want the truth to come out’

Simone Spitzer accused the province of spreading “fake news” about her younger brother, who had been in hospital since August.

Only 3.8 per cent of Alberta’s COVID-19 deaths have involved no comorbidities. More than 74 per cent of all COVID-19 deaths in the province have involved three or more pre-existing conditions.

Considering the comorbidites involved an influenza virus, as an example, could push these persons further then their bodies could take.


Additionally the 3.8 percent that ALLEGEDLY involved ‘no comorbidites’ could have been drug users or had other issues. We simply do not know.

This spin, as manipulative and fear mongering as it is, needs to stop

Check the chart below at the CBC link, it is interactive.

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I met with a renter of ours this week who had just lost his father (66) to ‘Covid’. I, of course, gave him my condolences, and we talked about what happened.

His step mother also had it, but felt bad for a couple of days and was over it.

He and his daughter both had it with the same results (the 17 year old daughter never really even got sick, just felt weak for 2 days). His daughter’s mother (divorced) had it (along with her 70 something mother). All of them, except the dad, felt bad for a few days, but then everything was normal.

I asked him about his dad’s health, and he admitted that his dad had heart issues (stints and other surgeries over the years), was hypertensive and a “bad diabetic”.

In other words, the guy with at least three comorbidities after a lifetime of not caring for himself, died while the elders (and others) faired just fine.

I hope this story helps someone.

Thanks for sharing it BMan!
I was glad to read it. Most people we know who had “covid” were barely sick at all- One guy built a shed as he recuperated.

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