Israeli Gas/Syrian Sanctions Relief Power Lebanon?

Taking information from two reports. Why? Because in both articles Syria and Syrian territory are involved. Excerpts from the Atlantic Council oped entitled: Why Israeli gas and Syrian sanctions relief may turn on Lebanon’s lights, will be featured immediately below the piece concerning the PKK/US occupied territory. This first piece suggests the US should lift sanctions on the North East section of Syria, occupied fully by the US and it’s PKK allies. A move that would be entirely beneficial for the remaking of the region agenda. Including further destabilizing Turkey and Iran. Keep in mind that the goal of the regional remakers has been to get the PKK to the Mediterranean.

Lift US Sanctions on the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria?

However, in recent years, one region of Syria has emerged as a significant political entity, a self-determined region pursuing peace and religious freedom for a highly diverse area.

Pursuing peace and religious freedom for a highly diverse area? That’s the big lie! In fact it’s a huge lie. It’s the overblown lie bubble that should have burst long ago

Currently supported by a small detachment of US troops, the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria (AANES)… Ultimately, the AANES is seeking international recognition as a legitimate government, but currently it is campaigning the US to lift sanctions on the AANES region. While doing so would require significant diplomatic efforts, the US should work toward restoring unsanctioned trade with the AANES

A small detachment of US troops? Rolls eyes.

-Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), first proposed the idea of a self-autonomous administration in Syria

At the International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, DC, in July 2021, Bedran Ciya Kurd and other officials from the Syrian Democratic Council—the political body of the AANES—pled for the US to lift sanctions. The AANES sits on 80 percent of Syria’s oil fields, which US forces have claimed to be defending. Noting that lifting the sanctions would cost the US nothing, Ciya Kurd emphasized how economic trade would ensure both a future existence and stability.

Religious Freedom Summit? As if !!!

AANES does not bear a perfect track record, as it grew from a bloody history. Despite Abdullah Ocalan’s recent lofty ideology, his PKK started in the 1970s as a socialist resistance group employing urban terrorist guerilla warfare against the Turkish government…

Though the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which could be described as the Syrian equivalent of the Turkish PKK, dominates the AANES, this darker history has led to in-fighting in the AANES.

Could be described as the Syrian equivalent of the PKK?!?!

IT IS THE PKK. Plain and simple. Sigh..

To have the information at my old blog easily accessible.

“Others have concerns that the AANES is not inclusive enough for Arabs”

No AANES is not inclusive of Arabs. In fact they’ve ethnically cleansed them with great vigour! And US assistance. That’s why, obviously, there are millions of Syrian Arabs in Turkey.

At the same time, lifting sanctions on the AANES will anger Turkey, which refuses to differentiate between the PKK and the AANES due to its roots in the PKK”

There is no reason for Turkey to differentiate between PKK and AANES- They are the same. One and the same.

You can inflict more rubbish on yourself at the link above if you choose, however… there are no “syrian kurds” as presented. There is the PKK alongside the US, annexing, occupying Syrian territory and stealing Syrian resources.

Let’s get to the Israeli/Syrian Lights on in Lebanon news
It is the Atlantic Council so it’s always got a certain spin, but, it’s an interesting read all the same.

Connecting Lebanon with Egyptian and Jordanian energy isn’t a new concept. However, the Donald Trump administration discounted the notion because it would materially benefit the Assad regime in Syria and prop up Lebanon’s Hezbollah-backed government without reforms. In fact, Lebanon was poised to invest in an offshore natural gas terminal, known as a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), through a consortium between Qatar Petroleum, Italian energy company ENI, and an American subsidiary. However, the tendering process was taken hostage by Lebanon’s political parties and, instead of one FSRU, as former Prime Minister Saad Hariri noted, Lebanon adopted three FSRUs: “one for the Shia, one for the Sunnis, and one for the Christians.”

Saad Hariri… yup. Tool of the Usrael/Saudis

Much of Syria’s pipeline that connects with Lebanon requires significant repairs and runs through the rebel-controlled southern area of Daraa province. On September 8, in a deal negotiated by Russia and likely with US support, Syrian forces moved into Daraa to reclaim government control—another puzzling step where the US has effectuated Assad’s reclamation of Syrian territory.

Seems to me the US might consider this plan as a means to tie the hands of the government in Damascus. If you consider this offer alongside the pressure that could be applied by the US lifting of the sanctions on that freedom loving occupied area of Syria.. The thumbscrews could be applied to Damascus. Iran. Turkey. Russia. All at once.

The US has rationalized that Lebanon lies on the road to normalization with Syria and, somehow, Beirut and Damascus will become less aligned with Tehran through energy subsidies

“ the US should demand concessions from Assad before waiving sanctions on his regime”

For Lebanese concessions, surely US conditions for economic reform should mirror and support those also pushed by the International Monetary Fund..

IMF reforms bleeding Lebanon’s people. Brutal.

“In the wake of the Taliban’s takeover in Kabul, one should hope such justifications for support in Lebanon become more challenging in the future. It will also be fascinating to see how Israel calculates its role in this arrangement, to include its own natural gas sourced molecules and electrons, which are bound for Nasrallah’s bedroom. But together, the US and Israel, with the support of significant Congressional scrutiny, should determine whether another lifeline to Lebanon and Assad further erodes US influence in the Middle East.”

Lebanon, in my opinion, looks to be between a rock and a hard place. Assad should be leery of this offer.

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