Why didn’t COVID science win a Nobel prize?

Good question? The vaccines were alleged pandemic game changers. Alleged. And yet Nobel didn’t even acknowledge this “miraculous” new technology with it’s prestigious award? Why?

Why COVID science didn’t win a Nobel

Some scientists expressed surprise and disappointment that none of this year’s Nobel prizes were awarded to COVID-19 vaccines, particularly those developed using messenger-RNA (mRNA) technology, which have launched a new class of vaccine. The timing of nominations — which must be submitted by 1 February — might be a factor. So too is the question of how mRNA technology will kick off research into vaccines against other diseases. “We want to give credit to the right people. And for the right discovery,” says Göran Hansson, secretary-general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, which selects the prize winners. “So stay tuned.”

Give credit to the right people for the right discovery???

The timing was NOT a factor. We should all recall Obama being nominated then winning a ‘peace prize’ before his inauguration- accepting the award immediately after.

Sensible speculation suggests that this global experiment, outcome unknown, is better unacknowledged lest the outcome be unworthy of historical recognition.

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