Flashback: Your mRNA and Cancer- From Jabs To Cancer?

Kaz left a comment below my previous post.


Hey Penny,

While the leaky vaccine is a thing. There is another thing I just learned about, which is that in order for the Mrna Vaccine to work it modifies the immune cell sentries/toll booth’s. Without a certain modification the Mrna gets cleaned up by the body. But with this modification it doesn’t perceive the mrna as hostile, but also modifies the sentries/toll booth which has a negative influence in perceiving threats.

There is suspicion that it might be linked to an increase of cancer, but its only correlation and anecdotal at this point.

This is the source. which will explain it better than I do.

got this from following aletho’s feed.

POW! Flashback to April 11/21 at the former blog, Via the wayback machine

Now the vaxx has been rubber stamped.

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