Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

Link to the interview via Rumble

I’ve only gotten through the first hour as of now- the history lesson was interesting. Am going to try to catch the rest some time today.

Did anyone else listen? And if you did do you want to share some thoughts? Feel free to do so.

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It was already an interesting interview, although it didn’t reveal much new to me, because I got well acquainted with geopolitics. I have been reading a lot of analysts for years, so the topic of neo-feudal politics is well illuminated. This interview will be useful to the American people, as it will shed light on a point of view that does not appear in the Anglo-Saxon press, or rather is overloaded with cheap propaganda.
Many greetings from the old Germania 😉

Hello Gallier the Elder!!

I agree that this will provide a different point of view than the one we are spoon fed daily- in the first hour that was clear to me.

And yes on the cheap non stop propaganda and narrative creation!
That’s the reason I point out propaganda tactics and logical fallacies so often- we are constantly being told what and how to think about any given topic without question- great for the empire- not so good for the masses

Hi Penny: I had just finished watching the whole 2-hour+ episode before arriving at your site. Both Putin and Carlson were absolutely fascinating to watch and hear. I’ve always had respect for Putin, and Tucker did a great job of drawing him out — except for when he (Tucker) spoke of Biden — at which point Putin revealed what an astute gentleman he is. He used the term “Washington” rather than “Biden”.

The video is a keeper for sure!

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