US could station nuclear weapons in UK for first time in 15 years amid Russian threat?

The US is planning to station nuclear weapons in the UK for the first time in 15 years amid a growing threat from Russia, according to a report.

RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk would be home to warheads with three times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, the Telegraph reported.

The US previously placed nuclear missiles there, removing them in 2008 when the Cold War threat from Moscow had receded.

Pentagon documents seen by the paper reveal procurement contracts for a new facility at the airbase in East Anglia.

It comes after a top Nato military official warned that all-out war with Russia is a possibility within the next 20 years.

Admiral Rob Bauer told reporters private citizens need to ready themselves for a potential conflict that would change their lives.

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Hi Penny:
That’s a great way to become a target for Russian missiles which may be much faster than your missiles are. Also, Russia’s missile defence is currently better than your missile defence. How do you like the odds?

HI Gary
By nature I’m anti war-so all this terrifies me!
And you’re right- this is a way to become a target.

I’m truly concerned that a limited nuclear war is going to break out- How to define limited? I don’t know. Too many will die that’s for sure.
Diplomacy is clearly not a western trait at all. Despite what we may have been lead to believe. Because nukes in the UK feels like a western threat is being made.

I don’t like any of it!

Hi Penny:
I don’t think there is any such thing as “a limited nuclear war”. If you go nuclear, you need to go all out or you risk losing. Hint: mutually assured destruction.
The modern Russian weapons make nuclear weapons obsolete except for wiping out all life on earth.

I agree with Gary
Not since October 1962 have we faced the clear and present danger of all out war. Some senile or otherwise demented leader, face to face with his own mortality, might choose to go out like the Emperor Nero illuminated by the blaze of burning cities. Or some born again submarine Captain might want to initiate Armageddon to hasten the return of Jesus. Or some powerful cabal of futuristic psychopaths considering themselves at the apex of modern military theory might come to act on some belief in a “limited” nuclear war or the possibility of an all successful “first strike”. Or just some variation of the age old favourites: hatred, racism, xenophobia and imperialism. Either way the end is the same, if we continue to confront China and Russia or even are misguided enough to attack Iran we will all discover how all war games end in this century

“Either way the end is the same, if we continue to confront …”
Very true. Thanks for that, Mark.

I was without a father until I was past 4 years old because he was a CDN military Captain away helping to fight Germany — with the help of Russia.

We need to remember that Russia was crucial in ending WWII.

It’s only now dawned on me how my own childhood was adversely affected by what the Nazis did to the Jews — because my mother feared for her husband’s life, and because when men go to war they don’t return as the same people who left us — due to what they have seen and been a part of.

I’ll never understand how Jewish people (with some exceptions, of course) can still claim our pity while seemingly not having an ounce of it for anyone else. Our family lives were completely altered by their horrific predicament, and yet they still warn their offspring not to get too friendly with gentiles.

It’s a phobia, really, and they are certainly phobic about Gazans — to the point of not even caring how many of their little children are slaughtered.

Thanks for sharing those thoughts Corinne.
And yes we need to remember Russia was crucial in the war against Hitler led Germany. It’s odd how many people believe it was America that won that peace (for lack of a better word) It wasn’t.

And yes many others were adversely affected by the war- not just the Jewish people- And they gained a homeland at the expense of many others- including the Palestinians while showing little concern for the massive sacrifices others made.

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