Iran and Turkey, both, striking at US/Israeli interests in Northern Iraq & North Eastern Syria

One of those killed was a Kurdish business man that facilitated smuggled Syrian oil sales to Israel

Following his death, many rumors circulated online that the Kurdish businessman used to facilitate oil exports to Israel amid his links to the Mossad.

If you’ve followed my work through with the Syrian situation from the beginning, you may recall multiple reports on this business of Kurdish smuggling of Syrian oil to Israel.

Below is an excerpt from one of my previous reports

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Reality # 3 &4- the Kurds are transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline.

And they have always been doing so.

The residents of the town of al-Hassin launched popular protests against SDF in Eastern Deir Ezzur by blocking the roads to SDF’s oil tankers destined to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from Hasaka, the Arabic-language al-Youm reported.

This was apparent in 2015. It was the PKK/ISIS shipping Syrian oil out- through Iraq’s Kurdish area by way of Northern Iraq through the Ceyhan pipeline- With it going onto Israel and elsewhere.– Check the external links in the years old post.
It appears they are continuing to steal Syrian oil and exchange it for Usrael arms.

“In a relevant development on Saturday, the US-backed Kurdish militants received state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment, including Israeli arms in Eastern Euphrates, the Arabic-language media reports said.

It noted that the said military shipment included advanced missiles, US air defense systems, Israeli anti-Tank Spike missiles, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air Stinger missiles and drones.

The advanced weapons delivered to the Kurdish fighters were transferred to a clandestine depot near Ramilan Airbase in Hasaka province which is guarded by the US marine forces and Kurdish fighters.”

So the smuggling of Syrian oil, for arms, to Israel is well established.

Below is an link to a pdf resource that was used, back in the day, for my own work

*Turkey launches air raids

Attacks extend a surge in violence across Turkey’s southern border, as regional spillover of war in Gaza continues

Turkey’s military has carried out air raids against Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq and Syria.

The overnight air raids destroyed 23 targets, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence said on Tuesday. The operation extends a recent escalation in violence across Turkey’s southern border, as regional tension continues to rise amid Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

The upswing in the conflict began on Friday when nine Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes with Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters in northern Iraq. Ankara responded with air attacks and military operations in the area, as well as in northern Syria.

The latest air raids were carried out on Monday at 10pm (19:00 GMT) in the Metina, Gara, Hakurk and Qandil regions of northern Iraq, close to the city of Erbil, as well as in northern Syria. The action will ensure border security and prevent attacks, the ministry said.

“Twenty-three targets were destroyed, including caves, shelters, tunnels, ammunition warehouses, supply materials and facilities used by the terrorist organisation,” the ministry said in a statement on social media platform X.

Syrian state media and other sources said on Monday that Turkey had carried out a wave of air attacks on electricity and oil infrastructure in Syria’s Kurdish-held northeast, putting several power stations out of service.

Daily Sabah

Turkish airstrikes destroyed 23 PKK/YPG terrorist targets in northern Iraq and Syria, the Defense Ministry said Monday.

Al Jazeera

Iran launches missile strikes in Iraq and Syria citing security threats

IRGC says it fired ballistic missiles at Israeli ‘espionage centres’ in Erbil in north Iraq, hitting ISIL targets in Syria.

The Kurdish regional government said it shot down three bomb-laden drones at 5:05am (02:05 GMT) that were targeting a United States-led coalition base in Erbil, near the city’s international airport, from where air traffic was briefly diverted.

The IRGC also said it launched missile attacks against the “perpetrators of terrorist operations in the Islamic Republic, particularly ISIL”, in Syria, state media reported. It claimed to have launched four Kheibar missiles at ISIL positions in Idlib.

The Guards identified and destroyed gathering places of their commanders and key elements with a series of ballistic missiles in response to the recent terrorist atrocities in Iran,” the statement said.

The White Helmets appear? Haven’t seen this band of so called heroes providing medical aid and assistance in Gaza? Why might that be?

Mounir al-Mustafa, deputy director of Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, in northwest Syria, told The AP that one of the strikes in Idlib hit a medical clinic that was no longer operating

Last link Daily Mail

To summarize a lengthy report- Iran and Turkey are hitting their enemies. They are hitting the groups that terrorize each nation and it’s people- And these terrorists are allied with US, Israel and UK.

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